The Big Wicked Online Pageant

And sneaking in at the last minute for Beckeye's "The Big Wicked Online Pageant" is Scope!

I don't have any Halloween pictures of myself from my actual youth, so I'll make up for that by posting a few others, besides my official entry. And if you happen to judge me on my "body of work", well, how can I stop you? :-P

WICKED-Scope-Pilot-2 WICKED-Scope-Pilot-1
"The Pilot" is my official entry. I made the shirt with a lot of ribbon and a lot of liquid fabric glue. If you look closely on the left, this is the picture in the ID that's by the tie. If you look even closer, the T-Shirt that is underneath is "Air Flying Monkeys"
Scope-Super Fan 1 WICKED-Scope-Ref
"Super Fan" is a costume I've done a few times. Mix and match sports clothes, and the basketball helmet. Yes, that's the brush off an ice scrapper. The current one uses a rainbow wig. "The Ref" there were a pair of those "Geek Glasses" that went with it, but the distortion effect was giving me a headache by the time the picture was taken. That's Cheryl, a former co-worker. She and her roommate hosted most of the parties that these pictures were taken at/for.


"Bacchus" – God of wine. And some random drunk dude, riding the L to the party. There's a metal goblet that I got at a wedding store to go with this, and a bottle of Chianti in the wicker basket deal. "Mad Scientist" – I am repeating this one this year. Oh, that's beer in the flask. This year, I will probably be rocking some Gatorade for effect.

And there you have a brief retrospective of the "Scopes of Halloween's Past."


Cora said...

I'm LOVING that pic of you in the toga with the drunk dude on the train.


That just screams awesomeness!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Aren't pilots supposed carry flasks of booze, and not (what looks like could be) a Slurpee? lol!

And in that 2nd pic, were you 'psycho pilot'? ; )

BeckEye said...

I like the mad scientist. Are you sure that's beer? It's glowing.

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

One is never too old to dress up for Halloween! Those are all great costumes!

Fancy Schmancy said...

That's no random drunk dude, that's Ben Afleck in costume as a random drunk dude! Great costumes, Scope, you rock!