Odds, Ends, and Singamajigs

So Cora, Wednesday and I went to Seattle for Wednesday's Spring Break, and Easter. It was also the 2 year anniversary of the plane ride that changed my life: when I flew out to meet Cora for the first time. (Here's a LINK to the first of that weekend.)

Since it was our anniversary, we did some repeats. Just like on our first date, we went to dinner with Callista and her husband, Mad Dog, at the Cheesecake Factory. And Cora and I shared a dessert again, too.

We also had dinner atop the Space Needle with Wednesday and Cora's mom.

DSC01750 DSC01754
DSC01760 DSC01729

The food and view were great. And the "Lunar Orbiter" dessert (there's always dessert with Cora's family) with the dry ice and smoke was out of this world.

While we were waiting on our table, this float-plane flew past. Nice.

Most of the rest of the time was spent hanging out with Cora's side of the family.


Even though Wednesday didn't have to visit her father while she was out there, she did have a bit of déjà vu while visiting her old stomping grounds.

Cora's sister's youngest daughter discovered the wonders of chocolate cookies…

While this sweet heart showed me her pink, pink pony.

And the boy just chilled, sans a sock.

I also got a few good laughs in at random spots along the way.

DSC01766 All I kept thinking of was a bunch of John Cleese like fellows gangily bumping into each other, with much mumbling of "Sorry" and "Pardon me" in the air.

Admit it, even with the royal wedding, you don't think of the Brits as a passionate, dancing people, do you.

I saw this on one of my first trips out there, and just had to laugh.

Casino – Restaurant – Bowl

About the only thing it is missing is like a bikini car wash.

And, it appears that if you can't make it to the scantily clad girls at the casino, the scantily clad girls will bring the casino to you.

What happens in the Hooter's bus STAYS in the Hooter's bus. Or at least as far as the free clinic, "Mr. Smith".

DSC01725 My first thought upon seeing these, "Dear Lord! What have we come to as a society?"

My second thought upon seeing these, "Dear Lord! First it was the testicles hanging from the trailer hitch, and now someone is making a butt-load of cash selling fake eyelashes for cars. WHY ISN'T THAT SOMEONE ME? I can pander to the lowest common denominator, too!"
DSC01726 Out there is the Seattle suburbs, coffee/cappuccino/ espresso huts are everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE! My wife pulled over so I could take a good picture of this one with 1/2 a real VW attached.

Oddly, she didn't stop and let me take pictures at the "Cowgirls Coffee' shop just up the road. Dubbed 'sexpresso' shops by the media, the baristas are more 'bear-tatas' at some of the joints, serving up your coffee while wearing bikinis, lace bras, or just pasties.

Want MILK with that?
DSC01728 I thought Barbie GAVE Hummers, not DROVE Hummers.

Guess all that plastic surgery paid off.

Other things we managed to do while in the area:

  • Wednesday got to spend hours with her friends, hanging out and staying in touch. 3 of them even spent the night.
  • Take a couple of walks past the place where we were married.
  • I got to see the inside of Cora's childhood home as her father is remodeling it.
  • I got to see mummies @ Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. But why isn't it named "Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe"?

But a couple of things that we failed to do:

  • Go whale watching. We decided to spend the time with family and Gwen's friends instead. We'll check out the orcas this summer.
  • See ~E. She's a lapsed blogger who lives blocks from Cora's mom's place, but we just couldn't get our schedules to sync. Next time, dang it!

And then, there's this Easter toy.


Cora said...

Ex-husband. Ass. Potato. Potahhhhto.

BeckEye said...

Note to self: invent mascara for car eyelashes. Retire early.

Tami G said...

I swear I am more and more jealous of you two every time I read your blog! ;-)
Glad all is well

J.J. in L.A. said...

Those kids are uber-cute!

But those headlight lashes are not. I'm not a 'girly girl' but even if I was, those are just obnoxious. lol!

And lastly, LOVE the video. I'm surprised you guys could hold your laughter til the end. I'd be laughing so loud that you wouldn't be able to hear the toy.

Vodka Mom said...

you give me hope. Hope that one day i might find the love of MY life. The one that treats me with respect, with love, with affection and kindness.

I am so happy for you both.

That Janie Girl said...

I love how your pix tell the stories. We're heading to Alaska in June for fishing and a board meeting and coming back for a weekend in Seattle. WE LOVE THAT PLACE. Can't wait!