If It's Monday, It Must Be The The Muppets

I could write some stuff and blather and blather and blather, but would you care? I'm bringing you Muppets! Did you know the Muppets had their own YouTube channel?

Why was I not informed of this? Here's some music to start things off:

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

The Muppets: Ode To Joy

The Muppets: Habanera

And while that's cool, what's hot is they also have "The Muppets Kitchen With Cat Cora".

Muppet-Kitchen Cat Cora

"Cat Cora", for those of you who aren't FoodNetwork devotees, is one of the favorite Iron Chefs in our household, for many reasons, not the least of which are:

1) She's the sole female Iron Chef.

2) She shares the name with my wonderful, awesome, amazing wife. Maybe not the same skillz in the kitchen.

3) She's a lot better looking than Julia Child was.

I hope that you aren't watching these as you are trying to run out the door to work. These things can be hypnotizing and before you know it, you've spent hours just gazing at them. The VIDEOS, not Cat Cora's legs. (Now MY Cora's legs, them things will hyp-MO-tize me for hours on end.)


Cora said...

My favorite Muppets are Fozzie and Pepe the King Prawn. :-)

Cora said...

Wait--AND Cookie Monster, of course!

Anonymous said...

I turned Mahna Mahna into a ringtone for The Wife.

SkylersDad said...

I always identified with Beaker!

Anonymous said...

awww... I missed the muppets!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I loved the two old guys that made fun of everyone.

Shana said...

I love the Muppets!!!

To answer your question (And thanks for asking) Here in Canada, there isn't as much of: 'you have to get into a good college' thing as in the US. Marissa's plans (so she says) are to take a year (or two) off after grade 12,
i: because she will still be only 17,
ii: she wants to work a bit to save money for college
iii: she has NO idea what she wants to do with her life.
Plus she may take a few extra high school courses to up her marks (that is a big thing around here these days). Or she may just join the Navy!
I know G is younger but she have an idea what she wants to do after high school??


the muppets doing bohemian rhapsody is the stuff of legends

Scope said...

Cora – Pepe, like Elmo, are really past me time, but me love me some Cookie Monster, too!

Joshua – Everytime I'm with my best friend and we hear the word "phenomena", we break into that song.

SkylersDad – I'm more of a PhD Bunsen Honeydew man, myself.
I always identified with Beaker!

Callista – Well, set a reminder for Thanksgiving, the wait is over.

Candy – Statler and Waldorf rule. They could only be more awesome if they were Stottler!

Shana – I didn't go to a "good school" and look how I turned out… Wait, that girl's going to a good school! She's not turning out like me! But seriously, I think there's too much pressure on all of that, too. And if she joins the Navy, will the government help pay for college when she gets out? That would be nice, if she doesn't know what she wants to do yet. Oh, and she wants to be a stop motion animator.

TIMMYTHEROBOT – Yes, 'tis great, and thanks for stopping by.