Captcha – What Now?

Yesterday, I was leaving a comment on Dr. Zibbs' blog and I got the following captcha:

That's an unedited picture of the captcha.  Seriously?

Now I need need a Hebrew keyboard to start leaving comments?



Padded Cell Princess said...

Wow, I knew the were making it tougher but that's a bit ridiculous! And I think a robot would more likely be programmed to have Hebrew and other languages so it's not really weeding them out ;)
Crap, and now I can barely read yours so I can leave a comment!!! Irg

Anonymous said...

I had a CAPTCHA today that required three reloads before I could read one. And the one below for you? Has a picture of a sign reading "39" plus the standard shitty captcha image.

So. Cal. Gal said...

I just hit refresh. You eventually come across one that's actually readable...unless you're Jewish. Then there's no problem.

Cora said...

*sad sigh*

The old captchas were so much fun, man doll. These new ones are just frustrating.

SkylersDad said...

I hate the new verification! Hate, hate, hate!!