Yo-Yo Ma - n

Honest, I have some real stories to tell all of you.  And some of them are cool and/or interesting.  Honest.

But in an attempt to keep you around until I get a chance to write them, here's a trippy video of some yoyo tricks where the yoyo stay centered in the frame.  Warning, do not watch if you've had one too many.

And here's one for all the people who hate the new captchas and passwords and all that annoying internet security stuff.

Now, get out and enjoy the weekend!


So. Cal. Gal said...

Don't watch the yo-yo vid if you're prone to seizures. ; ) I'm not and even I got dizzy.

Padded Cell Princess said...

The first video was cool but it didn't help my headache at all. The second video was hysterical and so right on! Thanks for sharing!

Scope said...

So. Cal. Gal - Trippy, eh?

PC Princess - I can't bring myself to calling you "PCP" - Sorry for the headache, but glad you enjoyed the second video.

Cora said...

That second video is like dealing with my Target card account statements online. This is why I refuse (REFUSE!!!!) to go paperless no matter how many times they try to entice me into doing so!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome and trippy. Loved it.