Rag-goo: What the #377?

Okay, during the Olympics, they ran the following commercial quite a few times.  The more times I saw it, the more questions I had:

  1. It's 8:00 and they hadn't even started dinner?  And they go with pasta?  It's going to take that water a while to boil.  Are they eating dinner at 10:00 pm?
  2. After suggesting coitus interruptus extremus, do you really need to add to the visual by snapping a shaft in half?
  3. Does the pasta sauce have special "mind bleach" powers?  Or did mom & dad spike it with some Benedryl to knock the kid out and convince him that it was all a dream?
  4. Have you and your partner ever been caught in the act?  By your kids?  Parents? Roommate? Cops?  Do tell.

And, "No", we never have.  Knock on wood!


Cora said...

Really. Spaghetti won't erase what he saw. Only a trip to Cold Stone can do that.

Everyone knows that.

Anonymous said...

Cold Stone? Hell, money erases memories. Everyone knows that.

Never been caught. I have walked in on others in the act, but thankfully never my parents.

So. Cal. Gal said...

Hmm, I never saw this during the Olympics. Which sports event were you watching? Wrestling?

Here are my issues with the commercial:

1. It's 8:00. I'm assuming PM, but it looks like he's just coming home from school.

2. What kid would want to eat after seeing that?

3. Or did they eat before coitus interruptus?

4. Yes, I've been caught...by a brother. That's why I make sure (now) that I know where everyone is first.

yoga bali said...

nice video

SkylersDad said...

All the Olympics I watched and never saw that! The time is all wrong, either morning or evening.

I was caught once by friends back in school, we thought we were being so stealthy also...

Candy's daily Dandy said...

The "Primal Scene" is what they call that..and i'm going with money. That's the easiest, I would think. Quiet money.

Never had a kid walk in on us.

BUT...and don't tell anybody:

Last summer, at my family summer cape house, we were all leaving to attend a BBQ. My eighty something parents were the last to leave the house, you know lock up and stuff. As we were leaving, I remembered something I needed to tell my dad. I went back into the house and called their names...nothing.

I called again..and as I walked over to their bedroom, the laundry room door, on the left flew open and my dad walked out leaving my mom inside the laundry room.

There were both clothed but my dad seemed VERY disoriented and confused by my inquiry. I walked back to the car somewhat perplexed.

My inner self tells me , yeah, I definitely interupted a little sumpin sumpin.

And I can tell you that as an adult, its mortifying.

Scope said...

Cora - Unless they close all the Cold Stones around you!

Joshua - And what happen in the backroom @ Starbucks STAYS in back room @ Starbucks, right?

So. Cal. Gal - Straight up NBC. And hopefully both you and your brother learned a valuable lesson that WILL NEVER BE SPOKEN OF AGAIN.

yoga bali - Thanks.

SkylersDad - Did you see the Clorex ones? I'll feature them after while. If only there was a blog that featured bad commercials... But one question, when you were caught, did you quit or stay the course?

Candy - Thank you for putting THAT image into my brain. And the part of your father is being played by the guy from "Up".