Oh, Hi. Ohio – Part 5

Yup, still in Ohio.  This is our Thursday.  The second to the last full day.  We kind of took things a little quiet after a busy day the day before.


Milan, Ohio, is the birthplace of Thomas Edison.  And they really don't want you to forget it.  But in a cute, small town way, not in a big and vulgar way.

So, after breakfast, we headed back to Milan (Back? Yeah, we tried once before LINK) to see Thomas Edison's birthplace.  It was really an interesting place, and I would recommend it if you are in the area.

Ohio-Thurs-02(Niece, brother-in-law, nephew's girlfriend, nephew.)

The office (the blue building) houses some of the collection.  The red brick one behind it, is the actual birthplace.  In the office, they had a cool old phonograph, where we learned that it didn't have a volume control, so to make it quieter, you had to "put a sock in it."

We also got to hold one of Edison's two Grammy awards.  (The other one is in New Jersey.)  Trivia – It's silver because it's a technical Grammy.  Gold is for performing.

Ohio-Thurs-04My sister with the Grammy. (Niece in background.) Ohio-Thurs-05My nephew practicing his acceptance speach.  (My dad in background)

Our tour of the house was given by a wonderful guy (whose name escapes me) who really seemed to enjoy his job.  He had worked there for like, 30 years, and had worked for Edison's sister or daughter or something.  Oh, he knew all the stories and told them in such a conspiratorial voice that you felt you were really getting the good dirt.

Ohio-Thurs-06 (Tour guide on left, sister in mirror, Mom & Dad)

After the tour, we wandered around Milan a while.  Cora got her picture taken with the man himself outside a restaurant on the town square.


We then hit a couple of antique stores downtown while we were there.

Ohio-Thurs-08 Ohio-Thurs-09 So, if need an olde tyme wagon…

After the morning, we all went back to the house and got ready for the family photo shoot.  Mom wanted a family photo (missing my brother's family, since they didn't shop up, if you remember).  My sister arranged with a local photographer to do the shoot.  We went to a local arboretum and got this shot on the bridge.

Ohio-Thurs-01(The Daughter, me, Cora, Dad, Mom, Sister, B-I-L, Niece, Nephew, Nephew's GF)

After our pictures, we decided to go out for grub.  My parents had actually been in town a few days before the rest of us, and Mom knew of an Italian restaurant to try.  She knew where it was, it was behind the Super 8.

Then Mom fired up her GPS.

We hit the road that the restaurant was on, and it said to turn right (north).  So I did.

Then it said to make a u-turn, and head south.  So I did.

Then it said to make a u-turn, and head north.  So I did.

When it said to make another u-turn, I lost my mind and pulled into Olive Garden.  I was insane with rage.  I love my mother, but when she is in the car with me, she can push my every last button.  She then started whining about how she didn't want to eat at Olive Garden on vacation.  She could eat there any time.  She wanted to eat at a crappy Italian restaurant out behind the Super 8.

Or that's what I think I heard over the blood pounding in my ears.  I got out me cell phone, and got the address of the place, and pulled up Google maps and found out how to get there.  We took off again (did I mention my sister's family was following us, laughing their fool heads off, knowing that I would be insane.).  When her TomTom suggested another u-turn, I shouted for her to turn it off, or I was going to take a hammer to one or both of them.

We finally made it, and I made sure that I was at the opposite end of the table from Mom.  The restaurant was not particularly good.  Not bad, but almost, almost average.  They seemed surprised that people NOT from the motel were eating there.  Oh well, it's her anniversary, and if she wants to eat ho-hum Italian, fine.  (Yes, I know that Olive Garden isn't great Italian, but it would have been better than this joint.)

The next day, our last full day, would be at the Cedar Point amusement park.


Cora said...

I think everyone there besides your mom would have been happier in Olive Garden. And that includes the Super 8 restaurant staff who seemed simultaneously confused and ticked off at our desire to actually want to eat there.

So weird.

Oh! And Wednesday was laughing her butt off at you in the backseat because you never get mad and she thought it was quite entertaining watching you arguing with your mom and her malfunctioning/possessed GPS. Hee hee hee.

Ellie Mae said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!! So funny I had to read it out loud for my family! U-turn north, U-turn south... Hope your blood pressure has eased by now!

So. Cal. Gal said...

All the men I know would've gotten pissed off by the 1st U-turn. lol!