A Surf & Turf Wedding Reception


Earlier this summer, a former blogger we'll call the fabulous "Mrs. K" got married out on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state in a very small, very beautiful ceremony.  I know because I watched the video.

A couple weekends back, she had a reception down state in southeastern Illinois.  We weren't sure that we were going to make it.  After all, school had started and we didn't want to have the Daughter gone two weekends in a row with all the homework they tend to hit them with.  But then, the Chicago Teacher's Union decided to go on strike.  No school.  No homework.  So down the road we went.

The drive was about 5 hours.  As we rolled down I-57, the gas gauge kept dropping and dropping.  But I had it in my mind that I wanted to get to Mattoon before getting gas.  I could make it.  About 25 miles north of Mattoon, there was a ding and the gas light came on.  No big deal, I'm good.

But when it dinged a second time with 12 miles to go, I started to get nervous.  Shut off the A/C nervous.  But we made it.  Probably on fumes.  (Shouldn't play that game again any time soon.)  I fueled up and then we headed out across country to the hotel to change for the party.

We made it just in time.  And were greeted by this color scheme, don't adjust your set:


The hallway was a 70's yellow to boot.  ***shudder***

A quick change and a short drive out of town, we turned down a gravel road, and made the party.  It was held on Mrs. K's parent's farm under an impressive tent and a dance floor under lights strung in the tree canopy (pictures to follow).  But before we get there, here's a shot of Cora, Mrs. K, and me (trying to hide my beer).  Lovely ladies.


And now, Mr. & Mrs. K.  The whole wedding party re-wore what they did at the wedding, which was really kind of cool.


And here's a shot of the family in front of a beautiful southern Illinois sunset.


But I know what the women in the audience really want to see:

The ring…


The shoes…MRSK-08

And the cake…


Yes, carrot cake made by the groom's mom.

The tables were set beautifully with candles and pictures of the couple.


And speaking of a cute couple:


Okay, I teased the dance floor long enough:


And I certainly took my lovely wife for a spin around that parquet flooring.

But all too soon, the party was winding down, but not before we all broke out the sparklers.

Yes, sparklers!  And the haze.



And that's how bloggers role.  It was a great time and we had a blast.  I wish the happy couple all the best.


Cora said...

That wedding reception was SO much fun. I'm glad we were able to go. (Thank you, striking teachers!)

Anonymous said...


SkylersDad said...

What an excellent event!!

Ellie Mae said...

Wow, you almost made it to Crab Apple Cove ;-)

Pretty nice sunset pic!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Love that sunset shot. Oh yeah, you guys look good too. ; )

And, for us girls, it's all about the ring and the dress. For men, it's usually about the food and the garter. Am I right???

Shana said...

Looks lovely!!!!