Around The World In ??? Days


Phileas Fogg & Passepartout raced around the world in 80 days on a bet.  Fogg packed light.  “We’ll have no trunks. Only a carpet bag, with two shirts and three pairs of stockings for me, and the same for you. We’ll buy our clothes on the way. Bring down my mackintosh and travelling cloak, and some stout shoes…” (Around The World in 80 Days, Jules Verne, 1873).  They also carried a guidebook of rail & steamship time tables.

Well, a blogger that I have been following for a long time, through some serious ups and downs, Jan has started up a new blog, Travelers Not Tourists.  And she's definitely on an up swing.  On the new blog, she and her boyfriend, Yemi, will be documenting their trip around the world.  They'll also be letting us in on some of their previous trips, too.  And I'm not talking about quick trips down to the corner grocery store, either.  (As you can see from these pictures I borrowed from her blog.)


And they aren't going to do a sprint like Fogg did. This will be relaxing stroll. A "quitting our jobs and taking the trip of our lives" kind of stroll.

So, if you are looking to live vicariously through a young, beautiful couple as they prepare to take a once in a lifetime that you can only dream of, swing by Travelers Not Tourists.  Tell 'em Scope sent you.


Anonymous said...

Jealous. So very jealous.

Jan and Yemi said...

Thanks for the link! You're welcome to meet up with us along the way! :)

Cora said...

That first picture is ASTOUNDING! My photo-obsessed self just drooled.

SkylersDad said...

I am in awe of them, and quite jealous!

Scope said...

Joshua - I hear you.

Jan & Yemi - Now my only question is, will this be the honeymoon trip?

Cora - I knew you would like that picture.

SkylersDad - Awe and jealousy is a good combo.

Jan and Yemi said...

Yes, this will be the honeymoon trip! :)

Scope said...

"Yeah" for the honeymoon trip.