Halloweens of Scope's Past

So, around the turn of the century (man, doesn't that sound olde tyme), I had a routine Halloween party that I went to for many years.  As today is Halloween, I thought I would TREAT you (or maybe TRICK?) with a few pictures of Scope of Halloween's past.

2002 – Blind referee (glasses missing) with one of the hostess of the party.

2004 – Bacchus, Roman god of wine, and some really drunk dude, on the L.


2007 – Pilot.  Please note the handmade shirt and the official cheesy mustache.


2008 – Mad scientist.


Yeah, I know I'm missing a few years.  There was a Rastafarian, a rabid sports fan with a basketball head, the "Hi Guy" (a local Chicago lunatic), and a few others that seemed to have escaped the camera's lens.

You know you're a crappy blogger when:

  • You throw together a post of old Halloween costumes just to have something to post.
  • You then look at your old posts for further ideas, and realize that you did the same damn thing 2 years ago.
  • You decide you don't really care because you don't have time to do anything creative, and go with it anyway.


Even this picture is a repeat.  I just colored it orange.

Be safe and egg any house that give out those gnasty peanut butter taffy things in the orange and black waxed paper.


Cora said...

*snaps fingers* That's what I should do! Post pics of Halloweens past!

Anonymous said...

All fantastic. Hell yes to Bacchus! That pilot is hysterical. And you pull the Mad Scientist off way too well.

Dr Zibbs said...

As the pilot you look kinda like Jason Segel. You should go as him next year.

Jan said...

I love the Mad Scientist look on you!

So. Cal. Gal said...

My favorite costume was 'accident victim'. I'd just gotten out of the hospital sporting a full-length leg cast. I had to get around in a w/c (pre-permanent w/c), put some ACE bandages around my head, some fake blood wherever my skin was exposed and voilà. I got a LOT of candy that year. It was AWESOME!

And talk about lazy blogging, how do you think I came up with the Roll Poll? lol!

SkylersDad said...

Loved your pilot look also. You have been doing a far better job of blogging than me, so kudos to you my man!

Scope said...

I guess I was feeling bad because I spent an hour digging through pictures and stuff, trying to do something original, and then looked at old posts for inspiration, and saw that I'd used most of the pictures two years ago.