Did you grow up in the 70's?  If you did, then you remember Chicken in a Biskit crackers.  When your parents brought out those rippled edged crackers with the ranch-eque flavor seasoning, you knew there was going to be a PAR-TEE!  This was the era when adding French onion soup mix to sour cream to make a dip was going all out.  The snack food companies hadn't really gotten into gear with flavors.  Oh, there were BBQ potato chips but salsa and chips hadn't penetrated the group conscious.

If you wanted a flavored chip, Chicken in a Biskit was your go to move.

I bought some recently, and discovered something that blew my mind.

  • Oyster crackers – Contain no oysters
  • Goldfish crackers – Contain no goldfish
  • Girl Scout Cookies – Contain no girl scouts
  • Nips – Don't get me started on why something called a "nip" is square and has a hole in the middle instead of being round with a bump in the middle.

But Chicken in a Biskit? 


Yes, there is "dehydrated cooked chicken" in Chicken in a Biskit!

Seriously!  Look right over there.  Dehydrated Cooked Chicken!  There's particulated dried chicken matter in/on the crackers.  I know it says it in the name, and all, but like I said, you shouldn't trust the name for the content.

Did you know about this?

I know people will describe snake or rabbit as "tastes like chicken".  But never once when I bit into the zesty goodness of a Chicken in a Biskit snack cracker did I think, "Hmmm… Tastes like chicken."

Not that this is going to stop me from eating them, mind you, I just found it startling.


Cora said...

As weird and disturbing as this discovery is, I still can't help but wonder why they stopped at chicken. Where the hell are the pork ones?! Bet they would have tasted like bacon ranch!!!!

What a sad waste.

Scope said...

There are a variety of "In A Biskit"s in Australia, including bacon and vegemite.

So. Cal. Gal said...

I've never heard of Chicken in a Biskit. Is it a Midwest thing? Then again, I've never had Hamburger Helper, Spam, or Ovaltine. I was a deprived child. : P

SkylersDad said...

We didn't have those crackers here in Co, and I feel like my life has been a sham now.

Vapid Vixen said...

Oh. :( Oh wow. Although I haven't eaten these since I was, I dunno, 8? I don't think I ever will again. For some reason knowing I'm eating chicken foot and/or beak mashed into cracker form kind of turns me off.

Padded Cell Princess said...

I may have grown up in the 80's and early 90's but I do know of these. My sis loved them but they weren't my favorite. I am absolutely shocked that they have dehydrated cooked chicken in them! Ewwwwwww! Branden liked them too but I'm hoping to ruin it for him by sharing this nasty little ingredient information!

Scope said...

So. Cal. Gal & SkyDad - What? You too are, a-hem, old enough that I would have thought you would have been all over these. They certainly couldn't have just been a Midwestern thing.

V.V. - Oh, can't be any worse than hot dogs. Look how far chicken particles are down the list.

P.C. Princess - See, I think the fact that there might actually be chicken in the them thar biskits makes me want to eat MORE of their salty goodness.