Project 52–Week 01

A few years back, my lovely bride, Cora, did something referred to as "Project 365".  That's where you take a picture a day for a year.

While she did a great job, WOW!, is that more commitment than I can muster.

Way more.

So I'm going to try something a little more my speed:  "Project 52".

I'm going to take a picture a week this year, and post them here.  Or I'm going to try.  You know how these things go.  Also, with a wife who is a true shutterbug, she's always taking pictures, so she's rarely in them.  That's not fair.  She's far too pretty not to be in front of the camera, too.

So, here's my first entry.  It was taken on January 2nd from Salty's, in West Seattle.  I liked the composition that it presented me with, with the piling in the foreground, the red tug in the middle, and the skyline in the background.


Below is a second shot I took a little earlier, with Cora's small camera in panoramic mode. (The deck doesn't actually curve like that.)


Yes, I know my wife isn't in either of these pictures, but while I had my camera out, I did get some good pictures of her.  And that's the real point of this whole deal.


Cora said...

Project 52 sounds WAY more manageable than Project 365. A picture a day was kind of overwhelming at times (and filled me full of rage and hate at other times.) I'm loving the panoramic shot you did! :-)

Padded Cell Princess said...

Oooh! Love the first shot! It sort of reminds me of waiting on the ferry to go across to Bainbridge Island.