Project 52-Week 02–Last Minute Charlie Already

So, like I said, I'm going to try this project where I take a picture a week, so I start taking more pictures, and with 3 hours left in the week*, I finally take this week's picture.

I'd taken a few pictures during the week, but wasn't really moved by any of them.  We'd had some snow and cold, and I was thinking of taking a great shot of the Chicago River with the sky blue and the ice crystals steaming off of it.  But it was cold, and the river is like, 4 blocks away, and so I, ummm, didn't.

So, I grabbed a couple items that were sitting on my desk for the shot:


The book, How To Be A Villain, is a playbook for my retirement, and helped me generate my pseudonym: "Baron Von Bloodhammer".  And the small plastic Iron Giant is a great Christmas gift from my lovely wife, Cora.  Two seconds of composition to hide the massive mess on my desk, and BOOM!, there you go.

The two rejects were:


The iced over gas meter.  It looked pretty cool when I passed it in the morning, but I didn't have a chance snap a picture.  By the time I got home and took a picture, the ice didn't look nearly as nice, and the lighting was gawd-awful.


And while I appreciate whoever drew the frozen banana on the box at the L stop, once again, I just didn't like the lighting.  The flash totally washed it out, and with no flash it was too dark.

* Week – I want to eventually get on a Monday – Sunday week schedule, but right now, I'm just making it in the 7 day increments since the start of the year.


Cora said...

Hee hee hee. I love the Iron Giant picture. And, yep, Project 365/52 always has days like that where you have to throw pictures together in a panic (at the disco) at the last minute. Anytime I took a picture of a light fixture or off the deck, or snapped a bizarre picture while throwing my camera up in the air, that's what it was: last minute desperation.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I love it!!! Very ambitious indeed. Yes, the pic of the iron Giant is very cool. Cant wait to see more. Good luck with the project.

Scope said...

Cora - I'm going to try to only take "inspiration" from your pictures, and try not to just recreate them.

Candy-O - I love the Iron Giant. And let's see where this project takes me. At least it gets me blogging regular, right?