Authentic Mexican Cuisine?

So, the other day I was riding the "L" and saw this ad.

I was… confused.


Do you see it?


Authentic Mexican Food, like…




MJ said...

If pizza (made in New York) can be qualified as Authentically Italian (made with "Italian" ingredients...which were grown and developed far from Italy), then Pizza can be authentically Mexican, as well.

MJ said...

Also, I need to figure out how to merge my accounts so that Wizard Cat stops popping up when I'm logged into Google...

Scope said...

Only if it is Happy Joe's Taco Pizza.

Cora said...

Whoopsie! I wonder if the person who approved that ad still has their job?

That Janie Girl said...

Great post! Thanks for catching up!

That Reese's Cup? Lord Have Mercy - that thing is huge!

Love how you always honor the women in your life. They're beautiful.

Keep posting! I always enjoy your posts!