Next Sunday Is Going To Be Okay

175 years ago, in the city of Boston, the word "OK" was born.

If you watch the included video from CBS Sunday Morning, you will see Ph.D. Metcalf; Executive Secretary of the American Dialect Society talking about the word "ok".  That's what you'll see.

What I see is Dr. Metcalf.  The advisor for "The Daily Other".  The newspaper where "Scope" was born.  While I never actually had Dr. Metcalf as a professor in any of my classes, 25+ years after I graduated, he still remembers my name.  I also see the reference room in the Henry Pfeiffer Library.  A room I spent as little time in as possible.  Then I see Rutledge lawn.  A space where I spent as much time as possible.

Dr. Metcalf and MacMurray College both look OK.

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Cora said...

That was pretty cool seeing that.