Ahoy!  Today be September the 19th in the year o' our Lord 1 Score Aught Nine and it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, ya scurvy curs.

Bizarro-Larry This treasure be from the curs at Bizarro.Com.

A co-worker (and saucy wench she be) asked me if'n it be appropriate to talk like a pirate in Temple (Rosh Hashanah).  "Yarr," I told her, "if she sees 'Long John Silverman' to tell him I said, 'oy-hoy'."

According to this SITE, some of us have very interesting pirate names:

Real Name

Pirate Name


Scowlin' Seamus Jones

Eric John Cap'n Quincy Bloodbeard
Eric Collins Pirate Bruno the Infected
Eric John Collins Cap'n Stu Golddigger
Scope Cap'n William Peckerwood
Scope Collins Cap'n Bernard Bloodbucket
Cora Gurglin' Blair Smythe
Cora Denise Rancid Helga Sparrow
Candy Pirate Julia the Well-Tanned
Cowguy Lazy Eye Palgrave
Dr. Zibbs Reeking Daryl Slasher
Gwen Pirate Carolyn the Sword Test Dummy
iNDefatigable mjenks Pirate Joe the Cash-Strapped
Prunella Jones Jelly Legs Misty
Sass Scowlin' Ursula Smythe
Sassy Britches Cap'n Aurora Swiftknife
Soda & Candy Decayin' Nadine Napier

Now if that thar don't shiver ye timbers and put some pep in ye hornpipe, arrr nuttin' shall.  Sorry I couldn't do ye'all, but figure what ye name be, and scribe it in yon comments.


Cora said...

ARRRR! Ye saucy wench here, she be wantin' to know what ole Pirate Bruno be infected with before she be lettin' him near her booty, me hearty.

I just be sayin'.


Cora said...

HARRRRR! Ahoy there, Cap'n Scope. I've got some news fer ye. Yer piratey name link thar has re-christened me "Cap'n Nadine Knockboots"


Yo ho, indeed, matey!

Scope said...

Yarr! What name ye be using for ye be the lovely Nadine, me fire haired soul-matey?

Sassy Britches said...

Me Blackberry wasn't allar'in' me ta post, so I made it walk the plank! Arrrr!

J.J. in L.A. said...

I'm 'Legless Marilyn Smithe'

Close enough! lol!

Cora said...

ARRRRR! I be LOLin' at that fine wench, JJ in LA. HARRRR HARRRR HARRRR!!

Soda and Candy said...



~E said...


~The Buxom Wench

Gwen said...

Sorry I didn't comment on the actual day. I was falling on my own scabbard for work.

Pearl said...

'tis a clever thing ye be sharin', matey!

"Cirrhosis" Doris Hornigold
AKA Pearl

Scope said...

Sassy B. - By Blackbeard's Blackberry! Send that Pearl to Davy Jones' locker.

JJ - Yo Ho! That be hittin' close t' home, that be. Be it meant "Leggy Lass" and it's brain be all higgildy piggildy.

Soda & Candy - If'n me use 'Soda and Candy' ye be known as 'Cap'n Azriel Knifenose'. Suppose thar be a wee bit better?

~E - And 'YARR' to ye, ya saucy lass.

Gwen - Bein' the scabbard is the sheath that the sword be going in and out of, that be soundin' sexy, except the part about doing that fer ye job.

Pearl - Aye, yer parents be naming ye a fine pirate name at birth, me bonny lass. That ta be stoppin' by.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Oh man...the pirate name generator has access to my bank account.