Outlined Against A Blue-Gray September Sky…

Okay, maybe the game wasn't THAT legendary.

Okay, maybe it was just Nevada.

Okay, maybe next week's trip to Ann Arbor will really tell the tale.

But on one nearly perfect day in September, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame were nearly perfect, and recorded their first shutout under head coach Charlie Weis.  As seen from my vantage point (Section 105, Row 26, Seat 8), with my back pressed firmly against the wall, this was a team that was tired of having it's own back to the wall, and wanted to make a statement.

And the first half, wow did it make that statement.  The offense moved up the field with ease.  And the defense, while giving up a troubling long first drive to Nevada that resulted in a missed field goal, really tightened up.

After Notre Dame score their second touchdown right after the start of the second quarter, I headed down to get of some pop (I went to the game with T-Bone, Mrs. Ivy, his sister, and 2 nephews).  While standing in a line that seemed to move in retrograde motion, I heard a load roar from the crowd as Michael Floyd caught a pass on the sidelines and raced 72 yards for a score.  "Tell me you saw that?!?!" was T-Bone's only question when I returned a few minutes later with the buckets of pop.

The second half of the game was mostly turned over to making sure that no one got hurt and running out the clock.  I will tell you, I like that.  Some college's won't settle for an opening victory with under 50 points.  That's like a school house on Thanksgiving… No Class.

The "D" provided the excitement (mostly) for the second half with an excellent goal line stand (fumble recovery) and an interception to ice the remaining Nevada hopes.

And since only mjenks is still reading this, here's some sights and sounds of the day in Notre Dame, Indiana.

The band marches to the stadium before the game…

ND-02 ND-01  The Dome really is GOLDEN


Scope in front of "Touchdown Jesus".  No, back there on the library, not Lech Wałęsa over there.

ND-03  Let the games begin!

And as a wrap up, here's the band again.

Now, on to Michigan.


Cora said...

I'm loving the videos, Scope. it makes the excitement quite infectious.

Not that I need any more infections. But you know what I mean.


Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

football schmootball... :)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

In case anybody cares (which they don't), it looks like Jesus is standing on the biology building.

Sassy Britches said...

Did I seriously hear some guy say, "It's not a tu-ba" Schwarzenegger-style? Har, har.

SkylersDad said...

Cool stuff Scope! Allow me to chime in with what I think is the best opening in College Football, the running of Ralphie from CU. Here is a clip of the handlers practicing with Ralphie 5, the new young buffalo from last season.

Scope said...

Cora - You are School Houese Rock'n me into 'Interjecetions'. "HEY! That's not fair, givin' a guy a shot down there."

Jan - I have no response to that.

mjenks - If he can walk on water, he can certain stand on the biology building.

Sassy S - That's not "Some Guy" (who is probably a Michgan fan **shudder**) quoting 'Kindergarten Cop' that is my old roommate T-Bone. We use that line a lot. I was going to call that out in the video, but every time I tried to add text to the video like ~E does, the application crashed.

Skydad - Will watch it when I get home tonight.

Vodka Mom said...

There is NOTHING like college football. I am a stone's throw from the stadium (you know) and on a gorgeous fall day you can hear the roar coming from the crowd while standing on my DECK!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

mike said...

I hate everything about Notre Dame, except the movie Rudy, which I love. (I think it's because every douchebag in Boston has a Fighting Irish tattoo somewhere on his body.)

But I was able to look past my distaste and throw a little wood on ND over Michigan yesterday, and we all know how that turned out. I hate Notre Dame.