Totally Blowing Shit Up Tuesday – W/Cora

Everyone's favorite mad scientist mjenks does a wonderful little thing for us on Tuesdays, where he explains to us why things explode and then provides us a video of an explosion.

When Cora was last here, one morning we were lounging around, and I flipped on some MythBusters.  Cora had heard of it, but had never really watched it.  Earlier, we had wondered if my water heater (not "hot water heater", you don't need to heat hot water) would hold up to the three of us showering in the morning.

MythBusters and water heaters made me think of my favorite episodes of all time.

Note, while they did tamper with the safeties on the water heater, those safeties are only there because somewhere, sometime, they weren't.

So, sleep easy, thinking that something like this is in your house.

(And technically, mjenks isn't a "mad scientist".  He can't be after Notre Dame's thrashing of Nevada on Saturday.)


mo.stoneskin said...

Mad maybe (as a madman i can say that), but is he actually a scientist?

wigsf said...

My favourite Mythbusters is the one where they shoot fish in a barrel. That poor fish. The machinegun turret atop the Escalade vaporized the fish.

And have you noticed that the Asian guy is secretly in love with the woman.

Cora said...

Still scary. *shudder*

SkylersDad said...

Every time I watch or think of Mythbusters, I get stuck on thinking about Carrie.

Mmmmm.... Carrie!

Shana said...

I love Mythbusters.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Great "Totally Blowing Shit up Tuesday's" post!

I gotta catch that show.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I'm mad in the more traditional sense of the word. All that working with mercury while at the haberdashery and whatnot.

Also, this was my personal favorite Mythbusters explosion. I used to be the cement mixer that vaporized, but this one topped it.