Followers – The Movie!

It's time for a little blog-keeping here at Scope-Tech.  And that mean thanking my newest followers.  Which I have to do in movie form, since I'm freakin' ADDICTED to making these damn things.*

I can't get text overlays or links into the video, so here they are again, in printed form.

Stylez Stylez
@ Living The Dream Blog
Tara WrightTara Wright
@ Bite The Bed Bugs
Kathryn Kathryn NoPictureDark65


Chaka's World

Jaime Kunzer

Once again, this blog would be nothing without you; the eyes that read the drivel I write, that sometimes watch the videos I make, and occasionally even comment.

* And "No" I don't plan on stopping any time soon.  Slowing down?  Yes.  Stopping?  No.


Cora said...


Once again, you put me to shame. I never thank my followers like this. Damn it, I haven't even looked at who my followers are in about 3 months!

Bad blog mommy! Bad!

Moooooog35 said...

Wait. We're supposed to be thankful?


I need to stop crapping on these people as you may have a point, here.

Go figure.

Shana said...

Cool stuff !!!!

Stylez said...

That is creepy as hell. Good stuff.

SkylersDad said...

Nice work! I hardly have time to respond to comments let alone say thanks. Maybe I should just do a thank you post!

Chaka said...

Thanks for the plug. I need to follow your example and give back (aka pimp others blogs) more frequently. Thanks.

JenJen said...

Nuts! can I just flash my new followers my red bra from the October BCA drive?

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Talent oozing from every pore.

You can't help it. I know.

J.J. said...

I acknowledge my new followers.


I'm gonna have a LOT of videos to watch when I get back on my desktop. lol!

Scope said...

Cora - As the bride, you have a lot more on your plate than I do.

Moooooog35 - Don't go changin', to try to please me, we love you just the way you are.

Shana - Thanks. They are fun to make. And there are other templates. And you don't have to play Sarah Palin as a drunk. It's just funnier that way.

Stylez - The goal is that they are somewhat unnerving. But seriously, that's not the first time a mom has asked you to stay away from her daughter. Which is cool if the daughter finds out. Forbidden fruit and all that.

SkylersDad - With comments and page hits in the crapper, gotta tend the garden. Unless you count the anonymous spam. That shit's like a weed.

Chaka - My pleasure, and welcome back. Obviously the whole bit was centered around that bit with your name.

JenJen - But that may cause you to loose some followers. On second thought, if you've died of a heart attack, you can't "unfollow", so I say, "GO FOR TIT!" I mean "GO FOR IT!"

Candy's daily Dandy - My better half is massively more talented than I am. Just trying to keep up.

J.J. - And it feels good, doesn't it. FYI - I emailed you some ideas about the video issue you are having.

J.J. said...

I can see! I can see!

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