A Fairly Full Friday

Last Friday, I was out in Seattle, visiting my best gal, Cora.  I'd flown in Thursday evening, and we certainly hit the ground running.

First Things First – While our first try of the morning fizzled with total equipment failure, we switched things up a little, and things started to get really HOT.  And after that first try, we did it again.  Yup, Cora's toaster died as she tried to toast her bagel.  But we pulled out her infrequently used toaster oven (I'm a toaster oven guy) and got both of our bagels all nice and toasty.  I even made Gwen's breakfast, a plain, untoasted bagel, with two slices of Colby-Jack.  Cora and I drove her off at school, and then took off on our tasks for the day.

Making It Legal – Off to the courthouse to get our marriage license.  I'd never done this Friday-CourtHousebefore, so wasn't exactly sure what to expect.  We waited in the little licensing room while other people tried to get their marriage licenses and passport papers done.  Note I said, "tried".  The couple before I were going to get married on July 10th, one week after us.  Too bad the license is only good for a month.  D'oh! They were a couple of days early, so "No soup for you." And the couple who wanted to get passports for their kids for June?  Yeah, you need to bring the kids in.  And for June?  You are going to need to pay $60 extra, EACH, to get that expedited.  Ooops!

But as you can see, we were successful in that mission.

FlutesTime To Celebrate! – With one of our first big task done, we then took care of a small task, getting our wedding flutes at Crate & Barrel.  We think they represent us well.  Modern.  Quirky.  Bubbly.  Kinda cool.

From there, we went to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate getting the license.  We went to a Cheesecake factory on our first date.

And, like that time, Cora and I shared a desert.  White chocolate and blueberry.Friday-Cheesecake-Factory

We also made a quick stop into Macy's so I could pick up a tie for our next appointment.

Picture Time! – After getting Gwen from school, we all got dolled up and headed out to meet our wedding photographer for our "engagement" session on the shores of Lake Washington.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  A little breezy, but sunny and clear.  If you want to see some of the pix, please go HERE.  I must warn you, they are wonderful.  Friday-Turtle This little box turtle watched us.Friday-Rachel

And this fun loving, lovely lady shot us.  There was a whole lot of laughing and walking and posing and walking and more laughing.

The shoot was fun.  The pix I've seen are great, and I cannot wait to see what our wedding pictures will look like.

Let's Do Some Bacon – A few weeks ago, I was talking to Cora about a meal idea I'd had.  A kind of grown-up version of the tomato soup / grilled cheese sandwich mea.  Instead of normal tomato soup, we went with Campbell's Select Harvest Zesty Tomato Bisque.  A thicker, hardier, tasty soup.  And for the "grilled cheese"?  We took Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, some more of that Colby-Jack cheese, and bacon bits.  (Real stuff, but from a jar, 'cuz we're lazy like that.)

They start like this:


  But a quick trip thru the oven, and they come out looking like this:

Friday-Crescent-Rolls-02And they tasted AMAZING!

Wrap It Up – And by 9:00, Cora was waking my sleeping ass up from the couch, and telling me it was bed time.  Hey, that's 11:00 my time, and we packed a lot into one day.


Cora said...

Hey, that was 2 1/2 hours of walking in the park - that totally excuses our exhaustion! Right?


I mean, it's not like we're gettin' old or anything. No.

Just no.

I'll be telling my version of it all next week. :-)

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

Those pictures are great! You clean up nicely! :)

I make the same same excuse when I go on vacation to other time zones. I feel the need to justify my lack of energy every couple of hours by declaring what time it is in Florida.

JenJen said...

What a great weekend. I think those yummies look well, yummmmmmy!

SkylersDad said...

I loved your photos, you really found a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

great re-cap and I LOVE the flutes you two picked out. Is Cora going to fill hers with sparkling water?

Scope said...

Cora - We are so not old.

Jan - I was fine Saturday, I just needed Friday to get on schedule.

JenJen - Yummy and as you can see, super easy to make. So treat the family tonight.

SkyDad - She is good, isn't she. Cora had a feeling about here, and we trusted her instincts.

Callista - Maybe. I think mine will have diet ginger ale for some of the evening. But not for the toasts.

Vodka Mom said...

exciting!!!!! I love watching all of this- and you two are *gasp* dare I say it---adorable?????

Yeah. I said it.

J.J. said...

Firstly...those are great engagement pics!

Secondly, one reason I like living on the west coast is that when I travel east, I'm raring to go at 1 am because it's only 11 pm at home.

Thirdly, the food looks de-lish!

MJenks said...

I was going to give you a hard time about the early bedtime...but I would get jet lagged at college, and that was only 100 miles and one hour.

mo.stoneskin said...

Presumably when you say "shared" you did the manly thing and scoffed almost all of it?

Scope said...

Vodka Mom - And we love sharing these moments with you, too.

JJ - The food was very, very good.

Jenks - It's a combo platter that takes me a while to get used to: 2 hour time difference, the interupted sleep of sharing a bed, and well, sharing a bed. All of that adds up to sleepy Scope.

Mo - If I had to guess, I would say that I let Cora have the lion's share of the cheesecake, but I had more of the dinner rolls.

Sassy Britches said...

Holy smokes, that's a lot packed into a day! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures, especially the one where it looks like you're all jumping and hte one where you're all holding hands right after. Gorgeousness.