The Bond Of The Rings

He gently stroked the golden ring on his left hand. An outside observer would think that he was doing it absentmindedly; a nervous tic.

They would be mistaken.

About the ring. About the man. About everything.

The Mage sat in the restaurant among "the Norms" caressing his ring and eating his French onion soup. None would guess that the golden band was Elvin made, imbued with magix by rites, runes, and rituals that were ancient when this world was young.

Along with it's mated pair, the rings bound the wearers in a far more profound way than merely as symbols and tokens. Thru "the Bond of the Rings" as it was known, they were truly soul mates. Able to sense each others' moods and feelings even when separated by a vast distances.

And she missed him. Deeply. She longed to simply be held by him. But those feelings were comingled with feelings or excitement, and of anticipation with the knowledge that soon he would be joining her. So he caressed his ring, sending her calm and reassurance thru the very resonance of the Universe.

He was going to be a little late, but they would be together.


And, through the "Bond of the Rings", they were never really apart.

I had to settle for texting Cora, to tell her I loved her, and that my flight was an hour late taking off.

Sometimes, this Universe sux just a little.

FYI – My plane has landed, and Cora and I are together in Seattle. Merry Christmas!


Cora said...

My precious! Oh my precious!....

mo.stoneskin said...

There was no mention of the batgirl costume!?

J.J. in L.A. said...

Or the see-through trenchcoat!

J.J. in L.A. said...

I haven't seen my man in WAY TOO long (damn rain!) We were planning on Sunday but it's going to rain...again!

But he called tonight, sang to me "our song" (Mr. Ed theme) and had me laughing so hard it was like he was giving me a hug. Then he topped it off by humming the Addam's Family theme. Ya gotta love the man! Well, YOU don't...but you know what I mean. : )

SkylersDad said...

Merry Christmas good sir!

Vodka Mom said...

whew. you two hold a special place in my heart.