A Thanksgiving Turkey For Scope?

While down at my parent's house for Thanksgiving, we met up with my sister and her family on Friday evening, and the whole mess of us went bowling.

The bowling alley was this little place with 6 lanes in a small farm near use. The "kitchen" wasn't open per se, but they were able to cook some frozen pizzas.

Only my brother-in-law and niece (who had the flu) were really bowlers. The rest of us hadn't really bowled in years.

The first game I bowled a 103.

The second game, my mom was 2 pins behind me from the 4th frame. Neither of us could pick up a spare. 9. 9. 9. I couldn't lose her. (Just a little competitive.)

Then came the 10th frame.

I'm up first. I've got to at least get a spare so I can get to my bonus ball. I can't leave the door open.

I fire my first ball straight down the lane…


First one I'd gotten all game!

Second ball goes rocketing down the lane…


Oh man, one more strike and I'll have gotten my second "turkey" ever.

Third ball, hurtling down the alley, on a date with destiny.

But Destiny must have been washing her hair, because when the pins stopped flying, the 5 pin stood there like the alley was giving me the finger.

Happy, but disappointed at the same time, I walked back to the seating area where my father consoled me with, "And that third one was the best ball you threw all night."

Thanks Dad.


Ellie Mae said...

Awww, what a great dad!

Cora said...

The only time I bowled anything decent (or, y'know, not totally humiliating) was the one time I went bowling with my ex and his new wife. He never asked me if I was good at bowling or not, he just assumed I must be bad (GRRRR) so prior to starting the game he gave me an unwanted lecture about how to do it. I LOATHE when he does that.


I was so PISSED at him by the time we started that when I stepped up and let loose my first ball I actually envisioned his stupid face sneering at me on every damn pin! I could actually see an army of arrogant, demeaning, little exes standing before me and I wanted to kill 'em all!

I've never bowled so violently in all my life. BAM!! I got a strike with the very first ball. And I kept on getting them. I have no idea what my score was, I just know I clobbered him, which was all I wanted to do anyway. SO THERE!

And he NEVER invited me to go bowling again. :-)

Moral of the story? I guess I can only bowl when I'm feeling murderous. Good to know. Good to know....

J.J. in L.A. said...

While in college, I'd go bowling with fav bro and his friends/girlfriends every Friday night. Of course, I was there to gossip and not actually bowl. : P

Callista said...

I am NOT a fan of bowling, but Walter is and was on a league when we met, so I ended up bowling with them for a bit.

SkylersDad said...

Bowling can be fun with enough alcohol, but almost anything can be fun with enough alcohol!

Shana said...

I suck at bowling!!

That was 'Hart to Hart' episode, wasn't it ??