This Cannot Be Unheard


I know this is old.

I know this is politically incorrect.

But so am I.

Old.  Politically incorrect.

Today is my 45th birthday, and I will be flying out to Seattle after work to see my Cora.  The hug and kiss that await me on the other side of security @ Sea-Tac will be more than enough of a birthday present for me.

Others sharing a December 22nd birthday:
244 – Roman Emperor Diocletian
1962 - "Lord Voldemort" Ralph Fiennes
1975 – M. Jenks of Vita Brevis


Scope said...

See what I did there, Mr. Jenks?

Callista said...

Happy Birthday old man. LOL!

Cora said...

I know it can't be unheard - it's still haunting me from the one time I heard it last year!

Happy birthday, hubba hubba hubby!! Can't wait to see you tonight!! :-)

BeckEye said...

Happy Birthday! You're only one day shy of being born on the most holy day of all...Veddermas!

Shana said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday!!

Shana said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday!!

J.J. in L.A. said...

I did it on FB, so I might as well do it here ; ) (although it's well into the 23rd now)...

Happy Birthday!!!

Lisa said...

i'm laughing hysterically... guess i'm not so PC either... but we knew that already. lol.

thx for the giggles... never saw this one before.