A Little Winter Escapism

No, this story is not about my wife and (step) daughter running off as the family's advance party to prepare Seattle for my visit. Or something like that.

No, this is the story of some other escapees.

Saturday, while I was out at the doctor's office (nothing special, he just happened to have an open slot on Saturday morning at an office not far from my house), is when it must have happened.

I think they must have gotten the idea a few weeks back when we watched "Toy Story II" & "Toy Story III".

My brass monkeys escaped.

I tracked the slippery simians to the nearby park.

Snow-Monkeys-01I warned them that it has been unseasonably cold this December, but did they listen…

Snow-Monkeys-02"Don't look at me, Boss, I didn't take them."

Snow-Monkeys-03"These them?"

Snow-Monkeys-04 "I'm cold. Can we go home?"
"Hi 'Cold', I'm 'Pretty', nice to meet you."
"No, I'm the pretty one!"


BeckEye said...

Well, thanks for putting "Brass Monkey" in my head for the rest of the day.

Callista said...

I have "Brass Monkey" stuck in my head now as well... oh boy, going to be a long day!

Venom said...

Nice monkeys...

Scope said...

Did I mentuon that one of these funky monkeys was named "Jacques" (He's the jewel encrusted one.). Yup, "Jacques the Monkey."

Jacques the monkey tonight.

J.J. in L.A. said...

And here I was bitchin' about the rain!

I hope you find your lost balls.

And I hope they're not too frozen.

You're gonna need 'em when you get to Seattle.

Cowguy said...

Nice set of monkeys Mister. A guy actually gave me a set of brass balls once, bout the size of big marbles. Yes... I lost them.

Cora said...

Lost balls?! Dang, those squirrels will take ANYTHING. How frightening.

Sassy Britches said...

You? Are nuts.

(No pun intended...until I read the comment again).

Gwen said...

I'm calling animal control!