A Trip To The SkyMall – Part 2

When I fly, I usually take the time to flip thru the Sky Mall catalogue.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Sky Mall, it's really a catalogue of catalogues, with all kinds of crap you don't really need, covering the gamut from stainless steel wallets to keep people from reading the RFID chips in your credit cards to a cake mold for making an 8 inch cupcake.

Today's entry:

The Remote Controlled Tarantula


Oh, man, a remote controlled tarantula would be AWESOME!  To have it dart out from under the TV stand and scurry across the living room, would be EPIC!

But, there are a few kinks in that plan:

  1. It would be single use, since Cora would smash it into circuits and servos within seconds, and therefore, a waste of $30.
  2. My step daughter would smash ME into a pile of bloody pulp.
  3. I would be "stranded all alone in the gas station of love, and I'd have to use the self-service pump" for the foreseeable future. [VIDEO]

And none of these would deter me nearly as much as this thought:



Moooooog35 said...

I couldn't buy it because I'd never be able to get close enough to the box to take it out.

Anonymous said...

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Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

I came to leave a comment then got sidelined by the comment above me 'boycottamericanwomen'. Phew, that's not me then.

Anyway, my 4 year old has wanted one of these remote controlled tarantulas for a long time. I will keep saying no until he is old enough to go to the shop and buy one himself.

BeckEye said...

Boy, boycottard is hitting all the blogs lately. Not mine yet. YET. As an American woman, I'm sure he'll find me soon enough.

SkylersDad said...

Can I just say that the advertisement has a few words (urticating, chelicerae??) that you just never find in most magazines?

J.J. in L.A. said...

I wonder if anyone ever buys stuff from those magazines. I've seen some pretty interesting stuff, but never anything I actually wanted to own.

Cora (and Gwen) would seek revenge if you ever tried Mr. Tarantula on them. Bwahahaha!!!

And I see BOYCOTT boy is at it again. He doesn't show any followers on his page and there's no way to comment. I guess he can dish it out but he can't take it.

Cora said...

Oy. That boycott buffoon is stinking up MY HUBBY'S blog too?! Unbefreakinglievable.

As for the spider, just say no, Scope. Just say no.

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

SkyMall could be a Christmas list for me....so much incredible stuff I didn't realize I needed. I haven't seen anything as cool as the remote controlled spider though!