The Holiday Blur – Part 1

New Year and back at it. If you haven't been around hear for a while since you've been hanging with your own families and stuff, don't worry. There's probably only one post that over the holidays I would send you back to read, and that would be the RING one.

I came down with a hacking cough around the middle of the month, and it is still rattling around in the corner of my lungs when I breath hard. But that didn't stop me from going out with some friends to Twin Anchors for an early birthday ribfest. (Psst.. Try the new "Prohibition Sauce", it's great.) It was snowing nice and light that evening, making everything look kind of magical.

Gwen's school


For Veggie
St. Michael's Church

On the 22nd, my birthday for those keeping score at home, I packed my bags, and after work, I headed to the airport to hop a flight to Seattle to join Cora. She went out in advance with Gwen, to drop Gwen off with her (Gwen's, duh) father for the first part of winter break.

While standing in line to get thru security (no, the TSA didn't give me a birthday grope), the agents at the scanner stopped the works, and ran a paperback book thru again.

And again.

And then hand searched.

And found a box cutter blade, a bit like THIS.

Yes, a deadly book mark. Happy holidays.

Well, as that family is pulled out of line in order for the rest of us to get thru the line, I was thinking more about my defense against a box cutter (leather coat, wrapped around arm as a shield, netbook battery as a club) than eyeing the Terrorist Family Robinson.

But I'm pretty sure they sat about 4 rows behind me on the plane.

So my sleeping plan failed. Epically.

But all that went **POOF** when Cora showed up at the airport looking like this:

And it looks better in person!

Tune in next time for more thrilling adventures that will include Harry Potter, Marie Callender, and Mouse.

Same Bat-time.

Same Bat-channel.


BeckEye said...

So, you didn't get felt up at the airport? Disappointing.

Scope said...

Beckeye - I didn't get felt up at the airport UNTIL AFTER I landed and got to Cora on the other side of security. ;-)

Callista said...

don't you always keep a box cutter in your book?

SkylersDad said...

There are still people who try and get a blade through security?


Cora said...

Ahhhhh, I have to admit it is MOST fun wearing that shirt.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Apparently, box cutter book reader has never heard of a Kindle or Nook.

And I ALWAYS get felt up at the airport. W/c's and metal detectors don't mix.