Want To Win A New Car?

Are-We-Nearly-There-2How would you like to win a new car?  A genuine Nissan Leaf automobile

That would be awesome right?

What if you only had to beat 9 other people to win that car?

That would be SUPER AWESOME, right?

Well, you're not going to win a car here, sorry.

But one of my blogger friends just might win one, and you can help.

Are-We-Nearly-There-3 Laura, from Are We Nearly There Yet, Mummy? is in the running to win a brand new Nissan Leaf.  She's up against 9 other UK bloggers, for the car.  Just 9!

I know you'd all like to help, especially if all that was really required of you was to click a button or two.  It's about as easy as clicking "Like" on one of George Takei's link in that Facebook place.  So if you would, please click the button below to "turn on Laura".  (Sound a bit naughty if you ask me.)

[If you are unfamiliar with Laura, she's a fabulous British blogger who I have been reading for just over 3 years now.  Ironically, since I'm trying to help her win an all electric car, the first post I read of hers was about her trip to the petrol station.]


For those of you who want a little more on why Laura should win, just watch this awesome commercial she and her family star in. Or go to her competition page.

And honestly, who should win a car but someone named, "Driver"?  I think you can vote once a day, so vote early, vote often.


Cora said...


Anonymous said...

I turned Laura on. What's the next step? I've been married too long so I forget how this goes.

AndyD said...

Dude. This is amazing! You've gone to so much effort here, we'll be sure to help get your UK followers up!

Fingers crossed!

Many thanks, Andy :)
(Laura's hubby)

Scope said...

Cora - You are the best. I feel like I've known you for like, 1095 days.

Joshua - As I understand it, we'll need to keep turning her on for like, a week and a half longer before there's any further activity.

Andy - Thanks. Laura asked for a little help winning a car. Since my shot at the car is 0%, I've got no reason not to help. Was going to go further in mimicking the header you created for her, but I got as far as I got in an hour, and called it a day.

Good luck to you on the car.

Matthew MacNish said...

This is awesome. Voted.

Shockgrubz said...

Great vid and entry! I've been brought here by Vive-le Nerd. I shall vote for you and your family! Great luck to you!

Kimberlee Turley said...

No idea what this is about still, but I voted.

Scope said...

Matthew - Thanks, every vote helps.

Shockgrubz - Thanks for voting. (But sadly, it's for another blogger, not me.)

Kimberlee - It's about doing a good deed, and thank you have. Thanks.