Don't Be An April Fool

Things not to do for April Fool's jokes.  They may seem funny to YOU at the time, but they may get you killed:

The Bathroom:

Saran Wrap On The Toilet – Stretching plastic wrap tight across the bowl, like a drumhead, so the urine stream bounces hither and yon.  You'll be the one cleaning it up.

Icy/Hot On The Toilet Seat – This will get you killed in your sleep.  If you must, use Vaseline instead.  Almost as funny, and defend with, "I could have used Icy/Hot."  Your restraint will mark you as a hero.

Red Kool-Aid In The Showerhead – This is going to fail.  No one turns on the shower while standing in front of the showerhead, do they?  And staining your wife / girlfriend / roommate red isn't funny.  You stain them blue, so you can make Smurf jokes all week.

Garlic Toothpaste – Squeezing out a little toothpaste from the tube, mixing in a healthy dose of garlic powder, and then stuffing it back into the tube is funny.  No doubt.  But be careful as to what they may rub on your lips while you sleep.


Baby Talk – Like I said, this may seem funny to you, but others might not realize the day, to read it on Monday, and wow!

So not pictures like this:

April Fool 02

April Fool 03

April Fool 01

It won't end well.

Now I have to run.  Gotta go put that stand on dental floss in my daughter's peanut butter sandwich.  :-)


Anonymous said...

You are a wicked foole, sir. Spelled with the e on the end to honor George Carlin.

So. Cal. Gal said...

I convinced a friend that someone he dated briefly gave birth several months after they broke up. To this day, he calls her "that slut".

I supposed I should've told him, at some point, that it was a joke.

Padded Cell Princess said...

The night before April Fools day, we were out with our house mates at a pub. Someone said, "I'll saran wrap the toilet seat!" and another, "I'll turn the hot water off!", and a few others went around until I said, "I'll cut your fingers off in your sleep!". Thankfully they have all become used to my sense of humor and cracked up!

Scope said...

Joshua - I take that as the compliment intended.

So. Cal. - Statutes of Limitations is over. Don't confess unless you think that they should get back together.

Princess - Not pranking you, that's for certain!