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I know a lot of you have been struggling with something I've been struggling with, too.  Google took away the little track back [X] check box.  Whenever I commented (with only a few exceptions), I always checked the little box to email me other people's comments.

I wanted to know what everyone was saying.  I liked the social aspect.  Heck, that little checkbox played a part in my wife and I getting together.  And for the last month, I've kind of missed it.  Like a lot.

So, while this is a work in process, SCOPE-TECH is bringing back the email following link!  Just click the "Subscribe by email" link when you comment.


And here's how you can, too.

1 – You HAVE to flip over to the new Blogger interface, sorry.  It sucks, I know it.

2 – On your new blogger dashboard, click the little dropdown arrow I've highlighted and then click "Settings"  (Note, it's the last one in the list, I Photoshopped the picture to make it fit the screen better.)


3 – On the lower right, in "Settings", click "Posts and comments"


4 – In the drop down button for "Comment Location" choose "Embedded".


5 – Click the big orange "Save Settings" button and you are good.


That's it. 

Like I said, Cora and I tried it out a little tonight.  One of the good things about being married to a blogger, they can help you test issues like this, and are eager to, too, since they're experiencing your pain, too.  There may be a hiccup or two with this approach.  I know that Joshua over @ Vive Le Nerd tried it for one whole day before reverting back, so there could be dragons here.  But if you would, tell me if you click the link today, and let me know if you are getting the comments in a usable format, that would be awesome.

Tech? On this blog?  Go figure.

Oh, and bonus points if you get the joke in the title.


SkylersDad said...

Well done good sir!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's working now.

It's not that it's a bad system, but when I get backed up on commenting back, that's when the scrolling like the elevator business (ups and downs) gets frustrating. Clicking subscribe...now.

Scope said...

Skydad - I hope so. Comments seemed to break the moment I posted about commenting. Kind of like how I paid $5 to charity to wear jeans to work today, and then wore regular pants. (I sold the sticker, though, and recouped my $5).

Joshua - When I get behind, I just highlight them all, paste them into Notepad to nuke all the links, etc. Type my comments up in there, and then paste that back into the comment box. But then I don't get behind like you can (4 comments vs. 20+ is a difference.)

So. Cal. Gal said...

They don't make it easy, do they? I usually go back to a blog I commented on a couple days later to see if anyone paid attention.

Scope said...

It appears as of this morning that Blogger has added the "Email me follow up comments" back to the comment form. I will probably be updating the blog BACK to the old pop-up form. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

I approve this message.