It Came From The Aisles – WTF?

Note: For those of you who commented on yesterday's post, I have responded.

As I mentioned last time, my lovely and talented wife, Cora, and I do the weekly grocery shopping together.  It's kind of funny, there's an Aldi across the street.  Literally, across the street from our condo.  When I moved in, I gave them a try.  When Cora moved in, she gave them a try.  It's a poorly lit Hall of the Damned, we simply can't visit it.  Just down the street is a Family Dollar.  They have a surprising variety, and being in walking distance, a great place to grab that "one thing".  We tend to hit them up for cleaning supplies and their snack cake knock-offs that we call, "Faux-Ho's".

As mentioned, Dominick's is our preferred store, but there's also Jewel-Osco, Target,  and a new guy, Mariano's, an offshoot of Wisconsin's Roundy's chain has also moved into the neighborhood (Actually into the building that used to house the Dominick's we used to shop at).  And then there's the Entenmann's Outlet (aka "The Bread Store").  Killer prices on bread, bagels, English muffins, and donuts.  The clerk looks like a peroxide nightmare, but she's actually pretty nice.

All-in-all, we shop far and wide, and sometime, just sometimes, we are amazed at what we see:

That's a very, very weird bit of of shelf placement for the 45 Piece Tool Set.


Our local Dominick's has a parking lot on the roof.  I saw this weird, enclosed 3 wheeled, motorcycle.  Sorry for the bad shot.  Only had the cell phone camera, and she was pretty far away.  I've seen them before, in London, but never around here.


"Fiber for Life"?  I'm not sure that I need a lifetime's worth of fiber in my bread.  Lordy!

I don't think I need Uncle Joe's mint balls keeping me all aglow.  I think that's more of a therapy thing.

Speaking of "therapy"…


I think I'll need some after staring deep into the "Red Eye".  See!  I'm hypo-mo-tized!

And while not at the grocery store, I did pass this little wine shop in my neighborhood that had a very interesting display in the window.  Joshua, this is for you:

A little Star Trek.  A little Dr. Who.  And Maybe some pirates?


Next time, some more oddities from our shopping trips.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

My Guy will not go to the supermarket with me. Ever. It kinda makes me sad.

And that pic of you with the RedEye??? Priceless...
It should be your new avitar..

Candy's daily Dandy said...
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Candy's daily Dandy said...

I posted my comment twice, Sorry.

Im also thinking that Mint Balls are great for keeping your privates a- glow and minty fresh. Great product.

Cora said...

I suppose paper towels might come in handy if there's a whoops moment with the tools. Maybe that's why they're shelved together?

Doesn't say much for their opinion of our tool-wielding skillz, does it?

Anonymous said...

Holy...no words...

Is...is that a Borg on the left?

I might need some of that java.

Dr Zibbs said...

I like that art on Mint Balls.

Scope said...

Candy - Cora and I don't get a lot of 'alone time', so we view the time together as a treat. Plus, she prefers not to drive in the city, and if she'd rather not, then I'd be a big jerk to make her. Plus, being a bachelor for so long, the grocery store isn't some alien place to me.

Cora - I think you'd need a power saw for all those towels!

Joshua - Locutus, yes. And it's hard to make out due to the glare, but Geordi is up in the crow's nest, too.

Dr Zibbs - You are a scholar of advertising art, my friend.

SkylersDad said...

Love that picture of you with the red eye!! Very Alabama mass-murderer feel about it.

Padded Cell Princess said...

I can see why that's your favorite store! I'm slightly scared to ask what in the world mint balls are...

Shana said...

I like your grocery store