Second Times A Charm

Oh, everyone knows about the first time.

It's something you look SO forward to.

Yearn for.

ACHE for.

Oh, and it feels SOOOO good when you finally have it.

That first pee of the morning.

"First Pee" is so celebrated, it's even immortalized in film.

But what about the equally important, but much less celebrate "Second Pee" of the day? After the first pee has vacated the premises, the kidneys kick in and start thinning out the blood again and filling the tank back up.

After you've been up an hour; "Ding!", round #2.

I don't leave the house without "second pee". Even if I think that the 2:00 am trip should count as "first pee" since it seemed to last 5 minutes. I doesn't. And leaving in the morning without a good second pee makes the morning commute WAY TOO STRESSFUL!

Now, since I've already freaked you all out enough by talking about "urine", one more thing about #1:

What the heck kind of tuna does Subway use? I mean, a good foot-long tuna sub for lunch on Friday for Lent, and my pee smells like tuna 'til Saturday noon. No other tuna seems to do that to me. Just Subway's. Man, I remember the first time that happened. I almost went to the hospital freaked out bout the pungent smell of fish streaming down into the bowl that morning. Like I was rotting inside.


Anonymous said...

You were rotting inside. You ate tuna. Second pee always comes at work, mostly because I barely get first pee in before I have to leave for work in the morning. It might be just the knowledge that I get paid to take a piss if I go at work. Getting my money's worth.

Cora said...

Well, as for Subway's tuna, I think the issue is quantity, not quality. I mean, a foot long tuna sandwich is A LOT of tuna no matter what brand it is.

Just be glad you don't grow gills. ;-)

SkylersDad said...

Just wait till you hit the mid 50's and those pees start to spread themselves out to 10 a morning!