Friday Funny–Sad Dog Diary

Okay, yesterday I was a little grim, and at the time of writing this, 0 Comments.  So, I figure I'd lighten things up a little and start your weekend off right.  If these videos don't set you up for a good weekend, I think your funny bone might be defective.

You MUST have the sound on, so if you are at work, put some head phones on.

The line "Cat says this is how the devil buys souls..." killed me.  Just killed me.

And I love how people are referred to as "the Authorities" by the cat.

Have a good weekend.


Cora said...

If Wednesday ever sees these, she'll want to make one staring Trevor. Just watch.

SkylersDad said...

These are really great!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Strangely addictive and endearing..

LegalMist said...

"Dearest stuffed llama, I did not mean to shake your head off." That one had me rolling!