Jacked Up Commercial

I don't know if they are running this commercial everywhere, so I 've got a couple of questions:

How evil are the parents that after the haircut disaster they:

  • They take him to a professional photographer for a portrait.
  • They pose him with the missing swath prominently displayed.
  • They buy and hang a 6 X 8 picture.
  • Provide tacit approval of the younger brother's mockery.

I bet he still wets the bed.


Cora said...

The bigger question is why they still cut the kids' hair by themselves after that. I sure wouldn't.

SkylersDad said...

Cute commercial, but I was turned off by the attitude from both the kids.

Scope said...

Chris, the whole series has punks talking about how rough they had it when they were kids, and none of them mention having to get up to turn the channel.