Cora in Chicago – Things Getting Harry

Sorry, don't have a lot of time to write today's blog post, so I better get right to it.  After a little bit of housekeeping.

Yesterday, I told the absolute truth.  I did wake up in the guest room.  Did I wake up in there alone?  I'm not telling.  (Some parts of this VERY public relationship shall remain up to your filthy little imaginations)  But you're bright people, I'm sure you're clued in.

Anyway, after breakfast and a shower, Cora and I cruised down Lake Shore Drive down to the Museum of Science and Industry.  There were a couple of purposes for this specific trip.

The Harry Potter Exhibition – When dating a woman who is a serious Harry Potter fan, and your city is one of the 4 North American stops it will be taking (I don't know what the other 3 are), you get tickets.  And let me just say, I have probably seen about 15 minutes of the first movie.  And that's it.

And I totally enjoyed the heck out of it.  And not just because Cora was giddy as a school girl, and her excitement is contagious.  I've seen movie props and costumes before.  Most were somewhat disappointing.  Not so here.  These were the hero props, the high quality, "where's my close-up" props.  Wands.  Costumes. Set pieces.  Really cool.  If there's a Potter fan in your house, this is a must.

Cora's BIG in SeattleThe Great Train Story – When you are dating a woman from Seattle, and her father is into model trains, and you are at a museum with a model train that runs from Chicago to Seattle… 'duh?

There are other really cool bits in the museum, like the whisper chamber and the freaky eyed frog in the genetics lab, but this isn't an "Oh The Places You'll See" post.  This is about hanging out with Cora.  And that's more fun and educational that any museum!
This is what happens when men play GOD!!!!But I think the thing that really surprised her was when I said, "We've got a WWII German sub.  Wanna go see it?" I'm not sure what she was expecting, but I know the size of it left her stunned and a little awestruck. (oh be-HAVE)
What's long and hard and full of seamen?
After years of sitting outside being exposed to the elements, the sub is now restored and enclosed.Even the sub is happy to see her!After (eventually) leaving the museum, (Scope + Cora + Car = Kissing) we head downtown for more sightseeing in Millennium Park, Grant Park, the Loop, Michigan Ave, etc.  We had dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant, The Star of Siam.

Oh, speaking of movies earlier, totally forgot that I took her to some of the Dark Knight sights, like where Gordon's funeral parade was, where they flipped the truck (same place), Lower Wacker Drive where the chase scene was filmed, and to the train station with the blue floors where he rides the 'Bat-Pod'.

I am a tour guide.

And Cora did such a spot on job covering the rest of Saturday in detail over HERE, I'm jumping ahead to Sunday tomorrow.


wigsf said...

You got a German sub there. Oh man that's cool!

And please insert an "Oh be-have" after Lower Wacker Drive.

Anonymous said...

I would have wanted to take a picture straddling the sub's missile! But I'm a dork so moving on...

I hope you had a blast over the weekend. I didn't get to see anything in Chicago outside my hotel and the board room! Now I wish I had gone to see something.

Cora said...

Scope, you were such an awesome tour guide!! You make me want to up my game the next time you're in Seattle.

In fact, I'm gonna.

Ohhhhhhhh the things I'm going to show you, you lucky, lucky man....


mo.stoneskin said...

I just bought the domain name www.scopetours.com, how much are you willing to pay me for it?

Sassy Britches said...

Star of Siam has such great ambience! Good call.

SkylersDad said...

This really is so much fun following your blooming romance!

Best wishes you two kids.

J.J. in L.A. said...

>Did I wake up in there alone? I'm not telling.

My imagination hopes so ; ) but I'll stop teasin' ya.

This reminds me of the 1st time I spent the w/e with my man. When I got home, mom asked, "So...what did you guys do?" I burst out laughing and never answered her.

Cora said...

Soooooo, hanging out with me is "educational" you say? What'd I teach you, Scope?


Morgan the Muse said...

I have not seen the submarine myself... but the museum is pretty freaking awesome.

Scope said...

Cora - You have taught me to love again, silly.

And to alway stay "on your good side." :-)

Cora said...

Awwwwww. :-)

I love you!!!! You're amazing!!!!

Fancy Schmancy said...

This is awesome, I feel like I was there with your guys, but without the smoochey stuff.