Sassy Birthday To You!

To those of you who were expecting me to be talking about my weekend already, BOY are you confused right now.  Today is "Sassday" around blogworld THE WORLD, and ya'll just better get used to it.

You all know that Sass is the Queen of all Media.

She Blogs. 
She Twitters.
She Facebooks.
She TXTs.
She's a radio star.
She's planning of writing a book. (Or she needs to smash big spiders.)

But we all know that's not what makes her special.  It's the woman (and the woman's heart) behind the blog that does that.  She's brave.  'Bravery' isn't the absence of fear.  'Bravery' is being afraid and doing it anyway.  One day, she opens up, with honesty that makes you just want to cry and hug her (and not even try to cop a little 'side boob' feel in the process), and the next day, she has milk shooting out your nose, and you weren't even drinking milk.

And so, it is with much love (ie – please don't hurt me) that I present you with:

6 Sassy Birthday Cards

(Oh, and I tried "hover text" on the pictures.  I tried "hoover text" earlier, but that really sucked.)
I'm too Sassy for my shirt...

Too Sassy for my shirt...

So Sassy it HURTS!

Don't get Sass angry... You wouldn't like her when she's angry.

Who said wine and cake didn't go together?
Okay, I didn't say the captions were funny…

Sass, I hope you have / had a great birthday out on the boat, takin' out a bottle of Bitch.  Or two.  Or three.  :-)


Sass said...




And yes, I'm definitely too Sassy for that shirt. ;)

I thank you for using, "I will CUT you." That's something I say on a regular basis, basically to anyone who walks past me.

I'm not crazy. ;)

Heart you, Scope. Like, tons and tons, and more!!!

Sass said...

Hey wait a minute....

What do you MEAN the cake will go straight to my ass???


Just kidding. It kinda will. hee hee. Okay, I'm done now, seriously.

SkylersDad said...

Nice work Scope, and Happy Birthday Sass!

Soda and Candy said...

Haha, very good.

I shall expect at least one similar card on my birthday!

J.J. in L.A. said...

"this is MOMMA'S cake" is my favorite...and what Soda and Candy said. My birthday is 12 days before your honey's. There! You'll never forget the date now. ; )

Hey! I'm doing my 100-4-100 (although I'm not calling it that) on Monday. Check it out (after Cora leaves, obviously).

Candy's daily Dandy said...


I will cut you is one of my faves too. Always get's right to the point.

You're a great friend.