Gwen's Show & Tell – Part I

Yesterday, Gwen challenged us in her 600-Post Show and Tell Extravaganza to strip off our favorite clothes and do a little "I'll Show Your Mine If You Show Me Yours".

Here's my entry #1.

I got this shirt, I don't know, it seems like 100 years ago, but I would guess it's about 10 or 12 years I bought this shirt at a craft show down state.  At one time it had a matching floppy hat.

Never wore the hat.  No clue where it went.

The craft show was the Spoon River Drive, and my parents had a booth where the sold their stained glass stepping stones.  [I'll get around to telling about the stepping stones soonish] and the woman next to us was selling tie-dye.  Well, she had a lot FOR SALE, but wasn't selling a lot.  So I thought I'd do pity buy.

And the shirt?  It get's worn.  A lot.  Usually just around the house on weekends.  It'll go out in public, but usually just out to the store or something.  Rarely "OUT" out.  Hey, I used to live on Halsted St. in Chicago.  If you don't play for "that team", you want to be careful wearing the "Rainbow Warrior" uniform when walking past a bar called, "The Manhandler."

This shirt is in about every load of colors that washed.  And it has hardly faded.  It's a great night shirt.


mo.stoneskin said...

"Never wore the hat. No clue where it went."

Yeah, like I believe that.

I reckon you had matching wellies too.

Cora said...

Wait! Wait ~ entry #1, you say?


#1 as in you're entering MORE than once? You're entering MULTIPLE times? Once just isn't enough to satisfy you?

*Cripes! Does it feel hot in here to you?!*

Sass said...

I love Spoon River Drive.

SERIOUSLY love it.


Scope said...

Mo - Upon further review, I think I gave the hat to my mom to wear in the garden, but I won't swear to it.

Cora - Yes, multiple entries. But sadly neither is as long as I would like, and I have to space them 6 hours apart so I have time to recover properly between them. What are we talking about again?

Sass - My parents always set up in the park in Farmington. Did you ever made it that far north? It is actually a fun thing to do in the fall. A leasurly drive in the country, then hitting all the little craft and food stands in the towns as you go.

Gwen said...

I recognize that shirt! Hahaha! Thanks for helping me celebrate! You're a good friend.

Scope said...

Gwen - I'm sure I wore it as a night shirt when I was down there earlier in the year.

Now, part II should send you cousin into a squeeling scheiking tizzy.

Lisa said...

tie dye?

say it ain't so!!

lol... it's all good. i will occasionally go 'out' in stuff i shouldn't go out in.

but then again i live in hickville and could still win a 'best dressed' contest.

this ain't chicago my friend.

Anonymous said...

When I was prescribed painkillers I believe I hallucinated that shirt! :)

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Had that shirt! Loved it...but did you have matching tye dye leggings to go with it? Didn't think so.

It was in my hippie chic days back in college. I used to wear the entire ensemble with my bright yellow Chuck Taylor high tops. I thought I was the shit.

Good times.

Lisa said...

OMG. I had that same outfit Candy!!! ROFL. I bet your hair was as big as mine too!!! too funny. ;)

Whiskeymarie said...

I had a student make a cake a few weeks ago that they decorated to look like tye-dye. It looked almost exactly like your shirt!

Anonymous said...

I loveeee tie dye. I don't OWN any but its def hot. Okay I'm lying! Sue me!

Love the shirt though for real.

Gwen said...

Your foreshadowing has me on pins and needles for Part II.

Fancy Schmancy said...

I LOVE that shirt! I have a thing for tie-dye, it was my first full time job out of high school. I worked for a small company that tie-dyed shirts, hats, towels, and pants and sold them around the country. We were given free reign on color and design, it was a lot of fun. Then I would buy them dirt cheap and re-sell them at Dead shows. Good times!

J.J. in L.A. said...

I had a tie-tye 'heart' shirt that I bought at a street fair in Eugene, Oregon about 20 years ago.

I wore it to death (it finally went to tie-dye heaven) but every time I wore it, someone would ask if I got it at a Grateful Dead concert. I said, "No. I wouldn't be caught dead at a Grateful Dead concert" and got a LOT of dirty looks.

Scope said...

Lisa - Best dressed contest? Well if you and your friends ever decide to hold a "Best Un-Dressed" contest, let me know. I'm sure I could line up some judges.

Candy - No tie-die leggins. I'm a stirrup pants man myself.

WhiskeyMarie - One reason I wear this shirt is so no one can tell what I spill when I'm eating.

~E said...

I'll come clean.

I stole the HAT.

It was just too awesome to ignore.