Sass ~E Cora Carded Me

I have "recently" received some postcards in the mail from some very lovely and talented female bloggers.  I feel a bit ashamed that I haven't posted them before now.

In chronological order (by the cards, not their ages) we'll start off with Sass from Are You Sassified?  She went to New Orleans about a month ago, and sent me this card:
Why your post date the check for "wing man" services.  To keep you from waking up in that sandwhich.  I think Zibb's was down there and handing out my business cards again.
And honestly, I think I went to college with the person in the middle.

 Aaaaaaaaaaah..... I was having a bad "Outlook" on life.
The lovely and talented and ~E over @ ~E Deconstructed had a request for postcards and I sent her one you can see HERE.  She sent me the one is you see above.

And living in Washington state, she went over to Microsoft and helped me get an issue resolved by bashing a couple heads together being the first pretty girl to ever speak to the nerds.

Notice how both Sass & E put the little "" in front of their names?  That's how I know they me.

And that brings me to my favorite little overachiever, Ms. Cora.  She sent me not one.  Not two.  Or three.  Or four.  But FIVE postcards.  You can see them spinning below.I love a good annimated GIF in the morning.  Smells like victory. What did they say on the back?  You'll have to bribe my mail carrier to find out.


Cora said...

*Cracking up at ~E*

How did you do that, Scope?! How did you get the postcards to rotate? Color me impressed. Wowza.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I cn't appreciate the spin...must be my dinosaur of a lap top but I'm sure it's spectacular!

AND..lots of hearts and xoxoxo's I assume!

Scope said...

To make a rotating picture like that.

Step 1: Scanned each picture into Photoshop. Was thankful that they all were "landscape" in orientation.

Step 2: Clean the pictures up.

Step 3: Layer the pictures in Photoshop.

Step 4: Save as annimated GIF.

Step 5: Load to Flickr

Step 6: Grab the URL for the large size of the photo (Flicker makes about 5 renditions of the photos) and use that URL for the picture.

Sass said...

I have really sloppy handwriting!


I do heart you Scope! Lots and lots!

mo.stoneskin said...

Haha I already read them.

I AM your mail carrier...

Fancy Schmancy said...

Those are awesome cards! And thanks for the tutorial. I have to get me some Photoshop. I have a question, tho. I linked my blog back to Picassa when I first started and can't get rid of it without it stealing all my pictures. Will that cause an issue if I host pictures and use Flicker?

J.J. in L.A. said...

>Because "Eric" is just too normal sounding.

LOL'ing at ~E! And I agree! Scope is cool (freshens your breath too).

Cool cards! I knew Cora was an over-achiever when she made her own ice cream...then ate it to let us know how it tasted.

Cora said...

Oh, see, I guess I won't be rotating postcards anytime soon. I don't have Photoshop nor Flickr. I'll just have to keep coming back here to admire yours.

BTW, we need to talk about Mo this weekend. He knows a little tooooo much.... And I'm willing and able to go all Lucy Liu too if it's required.

Actually, no.

No, it's more like Lucille Ball than Lucy Liu ~ but dammit, it still gets the job done!!

mike said...

I can't believe Sass just said she has sloppy handwriting. I think it came out pretty nice, especially from Bourbon Street...

Sassy Britches said...

I think that we need to just start a little poll as to what we think was on Cora's postcards. Like a creative writing exercise!

~E said...

What can I say, you just didn't look 21!

Morgan the Muse said...

Sassy B, that sounds like a good idea.