New Year's State Of Mind

New Year's Eve Day, Cora and I woke up at the crack of 10:00 and ran out to run a few errands in preparation for having some folks over later in the day.

Our first destination was Target.  We needed to pick up a few items, and also there's also a nice view of down town from the top of the parking garage.  But, it was overcast and you couldn't see down town.  (**FAIL**).

But we did a little shopping, and saw something very confusing:

NYE-07 Seriously?  It was December 31!  And 8 racks of swimsuits?  Really?

After getting home from shopping, doing a little cleaning, and party prep, some friends / neighbors came over.  People came.  People left.  Glasses were filled.  Glasses were emptied.  One glass met an ignoble end.  We played a little with the "Would You Rather…" cards.  Played a lot of 80's music on the cable TV.


Cora & I counted down to midnight.

And we share the first of many, many New Year's kiss.

We were having such a good time, that I only managed to take this one picture of my co-worker and her husband.  People left around 2:00 and we crashed out around 2:30.

NYE-06 On New Year's Day, we went back to the target rooftop and got some good shots.

NYE-05It was then time to head downtown for a little shopping.  The sole on one of my pair of work shoes blew out, and Nordstrom's was having a sale.  (I saved about $50 on the shoes.)  Kitty-Korner from Nordstrom's is P.F. Chang's.  It is one of my favorite restaurants, and Cora had never been.

And I was Jonsing for some of their lettuce wraps and Mongolian beef.

The funniest part?  My NYE-08fortune cookie fortune.  Seriously?  That's my fortune?  Here I am, sitting in a nice restaurant, sharing a nice meal on a very domestic day with my fabo fiancĂ©e and I get "The love of your life will appear in front of you unexpectedly!"

So, I played Peek-A-Boo!

NYE-04And I couldn't let this blog title go without hitting you with my absolute favorite Billy Joel song. 

(And I have never even been to New York City.)


Cora said...

I think my favorite Billy Joel song is "You May Be Right."

Or maybe "My Life."

Although "Tell Her About It" and "We Didn't Start The Fire" are great too.

As for the bikinis *BrrRRrrRRrrRRrr* I still shiver when I look at them, just like I sweat profusely when I see all the winter coats they stock the shelves with in mid-July. Do people really shop for clothes that far ahead?! Bizarre.

wigsf said...

No way man, Billy Joel's best tune is Why Should I Worry.

Okay, it's not his best song, far from it. But nobody ever talks about this song. Always Piano Man or We Didn't Start the Fire or the songs listed above, never Why Should I Worry.

mo.stoneskin said...

You bought Cora a swimsuit on New Year's Eve?

You crazy man.

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

What great taste you have! I went to PF Changs last week and had a chicken lettace wrap & mongolian beef. I love those lettace wraps!

Congrats on staying up past midnight old man. ;)

SkylersDad said...

I always like seeing and hearing what you two are up to! And the new banner is awesome, well done.

JenJen said...

oooh. I got the jones for the lettuce wrap now....

It's an hour away.

Anonymous said...

They start selling swim suits by this time too and by may there are no swim swuits left, seriously.

Leah Rubin said...

Wow, the love of your life, PFC's lettuce wraps, and Billy Joel-- life is good, eh? The fortune cookie? Well, to borrow a phrase from the late, great Louie Armstrong, "How do it know?"

Happy New Year indeed!

Scope said...

Cora - People kept telling me the bikinis were for people going on cruises and heading on trips. That many? In Target?

wigsf - When in Rome... (another song never mentioned.)

mo.stoneskin - No, I didn't buy her a swimsuit. I was more interested in her birthday suit.

Jan - Great minds think alike. And that Mongolian beef is just killer, too.

I'm normally up after midnight. Not much after, but that's only 10:00 on the West Coast.

SkylersDad - Thanks for the props on the new banner. I was wondering if anybody noticed. Granted, I change my banner more frequently than about anybody. I try to keep things fresh.

JenJen - It would probably take longer than an hour to get out the SlapChop, dice up the chicken, season it, grill it up, and rip up the lettuce. Is that your ignition I hear?

Maggie - Aren't you closer to the Equator than most of the resorts that are filling up with us "snow birds"? If you tell me that it isn't swimsuit season all year around, then... I don't know what to believe.

Leah Rubin - Life is good, that is true.

And I think P.F. Chang's needs to give me a cut of any additional sales of lettuce wraps this week.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Re: the fortune - well, it was unexpected, wasn't it? Meeting Cora, that is. lol! The best things in life usually are.

I heart FFD said...

Sorry about the glass... :)