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Hey all.

First off, sorry I have been a little late acknowledging the awards I've picked up, and my new followers.  Blog got a little away from me between Thanksgiving and New Year's.  Little time to write, and when I did, had some time sensitive stuff to get out.

But now, with the Martin Luther King weekend marking the last holiday I have off until Memorial Day, I thought I would tackle this long overdo post.


The first award to go on the shelf is from Joshua @ The Technical Parent.  Way back HERE he gave me the "I Should Have Been A Stripper Award."

The rules are:

1) Posting the award.

2) Listing 7 personality traits (as evidenced on the blog)

No Trait
1 Creative – How many posts do you have about flying monkeys?
2 Checkbook Activism – My blog raised $50 for breast cancer.
3 Friendly – I find it a little shocking and humbling how many bloggers I consider real and genuine friends.
4 Cora-nated – Can you tell from this blog that I am engaged to Cora?  :-)
5 OCD – I schedule virtually all my posts for 6:30 am.  Not sure why, but I just do.  (That said, this one didn't post at that time.  Murphy strikes again!)
6 Scattershot – One day you may get a post about the wheel falling off on my car.  Another day you may get a story detailing my further journeys with Cora.  And then you may get (NSFW)THIS.
7 Grateful – You readers are the reason I do this.  And I do try to take time out to thank you every once in a while, like today.

3) Pass it on to 7 others.

No Blogger
1 Cora @ Love Letters By Cora.  People, we met because of a STRIPPER POLE for goodness sakes.
2 Gwen @ Everything I Like Causes Cancer who won B(.)(.)Bs in a radio contest.
3 Sass @ Are You Sassified who has been mistaken for an exotic dancer by teenage boys.
4 Sassy Britches @ Well okay, Sassy Britches! for her tale of visiting a strip club.
5 ~E @ *E* Deconstructed for her tale of visiting a strip club.
6 Jan @ Struck By Serendipity had her own "Playboy issue".
7 Lisa @ The Butterfly Farmer (Because she hasn't posted in 3 months, and I miss her)

KaLynn @ Kacklin' With KaLynn also gave me her KaLynn Kackled Award way back HERE.

JenJen @ Jen's Voices also gave me her "FROG" Award. (Friend+Blog= Frogs)


Soda and Candy @ Soda and Candy Stories gave this Christmas (Soda &) Candy Award to all who played in her Mad Blog VII game.



This can't be right.  I am SOOOOO sorry I've let this get so far behind (and if I miss anybody, I am even more sorry.)  According to Blogger, since I last thanked my new followers, I've added a ton of new followers.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit @ The Bewildered Brit Occula @ underneath the bunker
barbalutes17 Caffeinated Bliss @ Caffeinated Bliss
Moooooog35 @ Midget Man Of Steel UberGrumpy
Bagel Boy KaLynn @ Kacklin' with KaLynn
Callista @ Down the Rabbit Hole Savvy @ You're Such a Drama Queen
Tami G @ Every day in gray... JenJen @ Jen's Voices
momcat @ Truth is stranger than fiction A Mom on Spin @ ...A Mom on Spin. .
BeckEye @ The Pop Eye Leah Rubin

Zen Mama

Oh, and as I write this, I sit at 99 LISTED followers.  Who will be number 100?  (I know there are people who read but are not listed in the "Followers" widget."


Would You Rather? – I got this game for Christmas and have posted a "Would You Rather" question on my sidebar. 

Would you rather…

Spend your entire life in a room with no windows?

-- or --

Spend your entire line in a glass room where everyone could watch your every move?

Right now, letting strangers watch you poop is winning 80%/20%.  There's still a couple of hours left to vote.

I like this and think I will continue this.  So, sorry you Google Reader folks, you may have to actually visit the blog every once in a while.

Blog Banners – Yes, I change them more frequently than most people change the filter in their Britta pitchers.  I like to mix them up.  I get bored sometimes, and start messing around in Photoshop, and the next thing you know…

What do you think?
Do you have a favorite that you haven't seen in a while?

"Bee Keeping" - Get it?Wedding Bell Blogs – To those who have asked, Cora & I have discussed it, and we will both be keeping our separate blogs after the wedding.  I suspect that while the BLOGGING MATERIAL for each of us will increase as we blend and adjust and live and laugh and learn, the BLOGGING TIME may be reduced.



mo.stoneskin said...

Sass is an exotic dancer?

I always suspected.

Scope said...

Oh, and sorry to the guys, but I don't want any of you to be strippers. Not that there's anything WRONG with that, but I don't swing that way. :-)

JenJen said...

I have been following you for what seems like ages...and my picture is up?
How long has it been, exactly since you did the last announcement?

Scope said...

JenJen - As best as I can tell, October 1. I didn't think I was THAT far behind. But the whole engagement / Thanksgivin / Christmas / New Years kind of ate up the posts and I didn't have much downtime to do one of these.

Cora said...

Like I said before, in an all-glass room I think there's a better chance I might escape.

Or end up on Oprah.

(Her show.)

(Not her body.)


In an all-enclosed room, I think I'd be trapped forever alone. DEPRESSING.

Thank you for my peep stripper award!! I love it!! I'll properly thank you on my blog soon. Ish.


Sass said...

Yes, mo, I AM an exotic dancer.

If by exotic dancer we mean, "Slightly chunky mother of three who likes to shake her big fat booty in the kitchen to inappropriate hip-hop music whilst fixing breakfast for aforementioned children," then yes. I am an exotic dancer. :)

Soda and Candy said...

I'm just waiting for you and Cora to get your own show on TLC. Or VH1. Whatevs.

; )

Sass said...

And furthermore...


Moooooog35 said...

Oh..look at me in that table all hot and hand-like.

Creepy, right?

Scope said...

And I just have missed thanking someone, because it appears that I've now got 98 followers. :-(

UberGrumpy said...

You're welcome! And well done on the awards, well-deserved.

Leah Rubin said...

Geez, y'all need a shower, or something? I feel like I wandered into a very personal conversation... Notice I'm not leaving. I pretty much like the tone and the whole package. Fun place to be-- as ALWAYS!

And of course-- congrats on the awards! Very well-deserved!

J.J. in L.A. said...

I've gotten a few new peeps in recent weeks...now I'm just waiting to hit my 69th *snicker* follower (no pun intended).

I like your current header...sparkly! Your proposal header was also VERY cute.

I voted for the glass room because I don't care who watches me poop. If they're into that kinda thing, who am I to criticize?

And "Yay!" for separate blogs! Boo for less blogging time but I suppose you two are going to have a good reason for being, uh, busy. ; )

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Well done on the awards! If I'd waiting just a few more days, I could have been #100! :D

SkylersDad said...

Way to go on all of the awards! We all like you, we really like you!

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

I might have to pull out my stripper shoes for the acceptance award. Thanks.

Sassy Britches said...

I SHOULD have been a stripper? Honey, my bursitis is all but gone, and I'm ready to get back into workouts, so let the games begin!

Did I just say that?

(And all of the above is both true AND a code for other things in my life, so...ooooo...intrigue).

Anonymous said...

YAY! Thanks!

this is E by the way :)

Lisa said...

omg. i miss u 2.

my eyes just welled a bit. xoxo... ok, this is my next post. i've saved it, but won't do it now cuz it deserves some time n thought that i'm not sure i'll have much of until saturday afternoon.

(((((hugs for that))))))

Gwen said...

Hey look! I got an award!

I'm not exactly sure that I want to make a list of the things that my blog says about me.