What the "L" is going on?

Luxembourg-Hates-Me I still have not gotten hits from Liechtenstein or Luxembourg.

Come on Liechtenstein & Luxembourg! You guys are dead last in the "European Countries That Start With 'L' Visiting Scope-Tech" race.  I've gotten 8 hits from Latvia and 6 from Lithuania!

We all know your mottos:
- Liechtenstein: For God, Prince and Fatherland
- Luxembourg: We want to remain what we are

Those are two proud mottos to live by.  Though, seriously, Luxie (Can I call you "Luxie"?), you are dangerously close to Popeye's "I yam what I yam."

Battle-Ship-TexasSince this is my second "naval gazing" post in a week, I thought I would look to see how people were finding me.  I cherry picked a few of the 100 or so Google searches that have brought people to my blog in the last month.  They are ranked in order most to least common.

BOLD BLUE TEXT = Search / ITALIC TEXT = My Comment

sexy statuesVariations of this were very common.  I only did one post about Marc Sijan around a year ago, and this remains my #1.

love letters by cora scopeThis made me smile.

mammaries, italian food and my little ponyThere were about 4 variations of this. But one of these things is not like the others.

women are the root of all evilAh, I loved THIS post.

elephant sit n spinMan, I don't want to see this.  I'm thinking it's a porn term.

i'm gonna hang my balls on the christmas treeHow you gonna do THAT?!?  And is it gonna hurt?

massive mammaries blogspotLooking for my B( . )( . )Bs post?

needle in my testicles picturesOh, so that's how you are going to hang them on the Christmas tree.

nice assThanks!

peeing santa yard decorationMy mom would be so proud of THIS.

scope keeps shooting to the leftYou saying I'm not hung right?

scope-tech the proposalPeople looking for THIS VIDEO?

sexy cora sandwichNo!  While she has great buns, there will be no Cora sandwich.

she s 16 years old as an alien thats ,my daghter brian shes an alien if she s sneak out i put camara over everywere you have to protect that one on laptop thats urs now that one over there loves me wow - Seriously? I have no idea what this means or how this would get you to my blog, but "wow" is the word.

show my balls No thanks.

sweet action on my ballsNo comment.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Sweet action on your balls????

Seriously dude, how did I miss THAT post.

wigsf said...

Is it possible that due to Lichtenstein and Luxembourg's small geographic size and low population that neither nation has no actual IP addresses. Maybe all of their ISPs are running through French or German or Dutch or Belgian servers thus making it seem as though any hits are coming from those countries instead.
I know that my IP address sometimes shows up as though I'm in Markham, Ontario instead of Vaughan, the city in which I live and work. It just so happens that my ISP has servers there so my IP sometimes shows up as being in that town instead.

In closing, I will say this. If I ever happen to be in either Lichtenstein or Luxembourg, I guarantee that I will visit an Internet cafe or something and I will hit the shit outta your blog. Right now "wigsf goes to luxembourg" on Google returns your blog as the second result and "wigsf goes to lichtenstein" fails to return your blog as a google search result. If I ever go to those places, things will change.

Cora said...

The entire time I was growing up I felt like I was the only Cora in the whole entire world (well, except for the grandma on Mork & Mindy, of course.) It was kind of a lonely feeling. But thanks to Analytics and the DOZENS of Cora related search terms I get, I realize there ARE other Cora's out there!

Reeeeeeeally slutty Cora's, but still.

(Btw, is it just me or did this post of yours show up here twice? Am I seeing double, Scope? It is 4am afterall....)

Cora said...

Oh! And here's a big CONGRATULATIONS on the 106 followers!! :-)

Scope said...

Candy - I miss(ed) it, too!

wigsf - I was thinking that with Vatican City, SMOM, and Andorra, but Luxembourg is a HUGE banking center and would definately have their own IPs.

Cora - Yes, it did post twice. Odd. I've hidden one. You always looking out for me. :-)

JenJen said...

I know I was in one of those posts...

not the "sweet action" one though.


Shana said...

INteresting for sure!

wigsf said...

Cora, if you're ever feeling like there isn't enough Coras out there, in Canada, there's a chain of brunch places named after you. Well, actually, it's named after a plus-sized French Canadian woman, but still, her name is Cora.

SkylersDad said...

When I read "needle in my testicles pictures" my junk retracted up into my body and I haven't seen it since.

Gee, thanks...

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

I see right through this post. You're scamming the system by writing about the countries in hopes that people searching for Liechtenstein's motto will mistakenly come to your site.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Hey, if I can get a hit from the Faroe Islands, you can get one from L & L. It's just a matter of time...but putting them in your blog is genius!

@ Cora: when I googled your name for my takeover of your blog, I came across a LOT of slutty Coras too!

The Peach Tart said...

I always love to look at the analytics to see how people find my posts. I think that you should see some traffic from the double LLs after this post.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how they get here as long as they get here! lol

Scope said...

Why yes, imply that this is the OFFICAL WEBSITE OF Lichtenstein AND Luxembourg is a rather creap ploy for their attention.

Tried it back HERE with Wyoming.

HERE is how it worked out.