Why? Oh Why? Oh Ming!

Since I started this blog 7 1/2 months ago, every single one of posts has had something in common.  Not a single one of them has been read in the state of Wyoming.

Not one.

I think I know why this is.  Basically, no one lives there.  It is 50th in population.  North Dakota has more people!  I grew up down state in Illinois, and one of the neighboring towns was 'Wyoming'.  (I even took my driver's test there.)  The STATE of Wyoming has 375 times the population of a dying, backwater TOWN.  Granted, I haven't gotten a hit from there, either, but still.

So, to entice some hits from the hicks:

  • Wyoming: An armpit, and a Jackson Hole
  • Wyo Ming: Yao Ming's brudder.
  • Wyoming? Wy-not-oming?
  • Cheyenne puts out more than Helena.
  • Wyoming rocks.
  • Wyoming sucks.
  • Wyoming: A state of denial.
  • Wyoming: Like Colorado, but without Denver.  Or the Coors.  Or the award winning bloggers (1, 2, etc.).  Or indoor plumbing.

Wyoming - A State of Denial And if this does the trick, I am so going after Luxembourg next.  Both people that live there haven't visited, either.

The other day, I did a little blog-keeping (and meant the 'Wyoming' rant to be part of that, but forgot it.)  Well, since then, I would like to welcome 3 new followers:


Blogs: Robot Nine, Alan Around the World, Photobesity.  Robot Nine & Photobesity are where you'll hind stunning photography, or an amusing gallery of pix.  Alan Around the World is where you will find Alan, as he prepares to head out on a trip around the world.  On a bike.


Blogs: None.  He's a Cabbage Patch doll for crying out loud.  I send him a Christmas card every year.  We (Cora & I) have plans to meet the little tater's mom out for pizza on Friday.


Blogs:  I'll Go Eat Worms – She knows that aliens love her.  They told her.  By writing it on a strangers car.  Sorry Becky, that was just me having a laugh with you.  When aliens want to say they love you, they don't use a Beretta.  The use a PROBE!

I do appreciate my followers and regular readers.  In the time that I have been blogging, I have come to consider many of you as 'friends', a few of you as 'close friends', and one of you as my 'girlfriend'.

So yeah, thanks.


wigsf said...

Maybe they don't have the internet yet in Wyoming?

Cora said...

I haven't had any hits from Wyo Ming either.


Clearly Yao ming's little brudda thinks he's too freaking good for us, Scope. The snooty bastard!


[Wyo Ming/Yao Ming is GENIUS by the way!! I'm goning to be giggling about that for the rest of the day, I can tell. Hee hee hee....]

Cora said...

I meant 'going' not goning.


Now I feel better.

Cora said...

I just went back and tried the links and thought I should tip you off that the last two aren't working correctly.

When I click on mylittlebecky it just tells me the page doesn't exist....

And, better yet, when I click on the Cora link, it shows me (....wait for it....) a lizard which may or may not be involved in cannibalism, I'm not quite sure.

*can't stop laughing*

Since you told me I have really soft skin, I'm going to conclude this was an accident and not a hint that I should moisturize more thouroughly, Scope.


Don't worry, don't worry ~ I still think you're sexy!!!! :-P

Scope said...

Thanks for the proofing, I must have been having serious cut/paste issues. Your link was still one of Alan's photoblogs, and mylittlebecky was missing the "http://" at the begining.

And for the record, your skin is wonderfully soft and I cannot wait to caress it in just a few short days. Leapin' Lizzards!

Alan said...

Is Wyoming in the US?

Warning - If Wyoming doesn't show Scope some love I will visit all 49states!

Alan said...

By the way Scope, that post was funny, especially to a fellow blogger and who came from where watcher.


Sass said...

I'm HUGE in Wyoming. I'll put in a good word. ;)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

While Wyoming might be light on the people, it's big on taste. The brewery in Jackson Hole makes some good beer. I appreciated the hell out of one (or a half dozen) of their stouts one night while I was stuck visiting the in-laws.

SkylersDad said...

Just a note to wigsf, yes they do have the internet, but it is unreliable as it runs on there barbwire fences...

Morgan the Muse said...

Can I be one of the friends that you only invite to things when nobody else can come? I won't let you down.

Oh, and if the Wyoming thing works, I am so going after Betelgeuse. I want to go interstellar.

Soda and Candy said...

Hmm, I wonder which blogger you consider your girlfriend? I wish you weren't so secretive & mysterious!

; )

Fancy Schmancy said...

Wyoming just doesn't deserve you, my friend...

Dr Zibbs said...

I love Google Analytics.

mylittlebecky said...

why NOT oming? best thing ever!

also? thank YOU! so much! that's really awesomeness :)

still waiting on the probe... mmmm, probe-y

Scope said...

I love analytics, too, but so far, neither person in Wyoming has taken the intergent bait.

But then, I would guess that they fish alot. SO they are Master baiters.

Lana said...

i like to see bloggers giving love and being funny at the same time, for that, i shall follow :)

Cora said...

Now now now, don't go knocking the Master Baiters. They're fun people. They deserve a little more respect than that. Go on, give 'em a hand.

J.J. in L.A. said...

What I'd like to know is: does Chicago read L.A.? ; )

J.J. in L.A. said...

I guess it does/will. lol! Welcome aboard!

kmc629 said...

Chadders appreciates his shout-out! And his mamacita and step-dad are looking forward to see you and meeting Ms. Cora!

PS- Where are we having pizza?

Scope said...

I was thinking the Giordano's between our places. Want to do thin pizza (we did stuffed last time.).

If Chicago Pizza would ever wait on people when they went in there...