Honeymoon With My Honey – Part 1

Before heading out for our honeymoon, I want to share with you a couple of things a bit, off kilter, that we saw.

Pigeon-Large Pigeon-Detail
This was at Pioneer Square in Seattle [POST]. My cousin came running over to me and told me I had to see this sign. In case you missed it, it says "PIGEONS TRANSMIT DISEASE.

Much funnier than the "crack" joke also found on the sign.
Hot-Moms-Large Hot-Moms-Detail
I wasn't the first one to see this, either. When we were having dinner at BJ's [POST], someone at the table pointed it out. I hopped up out of my chair (plus about a blogging wife, she gets it) and took a bunch of pictures of the sign, and of the scenery, and then of these two freaks. If the cigarette would have ignited the fumes on her highlights, so she ran around like Michael Jackson in that Pepsi commercial, that would have been EPIC. (Note to teens: Word used correctly.)
Michael-and-Bubbles-02 Michael-and-Bubbles-01Grrrr… This is totally out of sequence, but I cannot leave that Michael Jackson reference hanging there without pointing out this porcelain beauty we was at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I believe my exact word were, "Oh my GOD! That's the biggest Jack Daniels decanter I have ever seen in my LIFE!"

How they got his skin so lifelike is EERIE!

We took our honeymoon just down the coast in San Francisco. We flew into the Oakland airport to save a little $$$ (Like $200. A flight. Each!) vs. flying into San Francisco. The distance to downtown via the Bart is roughly the same, and it's a smaller, easier airport to get around in. WIN! WIN! WIN! As this was our honeymoon, and first flight together, we popped "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" into my netbook's external drive, plugged in the earphone 'Y' splitter, and watched about half the movie on the 2 hour flight down.

We stayed at the Sir Francis Drake on Union Square. Great location. Great deal. Nice, old hotel. We schlepped our bags uphillStolen from website from Powel / Market and as we got near, we could see the doorman in his "Beefeater" outfit. Cora started to get excited. When we entered the lobby, I could swear I heard a slight gasp. The lobby was very nice, filled with the marble and iron work and gold leaf that you would expect from a classic, fine hotel. But I hadn't exactly let Cora in on the fact that we were staying someplace like that. Gotta try to impress the wife any way you can, right guys?

Anyhow, we ditched our stuff in our room, and headed back out for some light sightseeing and dinner. I have been to San Fran twice before, so in general, I knew my way around. Plus, I had a map. Plus, I have GPS enabled Google Maps on my Blackberry.

We wandered around Yerba Buena Gardens for a bit, and while my wife was happily snapping away with her camera, it turns out, I only took one shot:

But, we started to loose our light, and our steam, so we had a bite to eat @ Johnny Foley's Irish House before returning to the hotel. (We stopped at Walgreen first to get some bottled water for the room. No way we're paying mini-bar prices!)

We're not old. No way. We just knew (well I did) how much walking we would be doing the next day.


Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

Still can't get over that hideous Michael Jackson and Bubbles 'thing'. I looked at the pictures first, as I was reading I was chanting in my head 'Please tell me it wasn't a wedding present'

Scope said...

Are you KIDDING ME? While the larger than life size one would have been overkill, a would have LOVED a nice mantle sized one of those as a wedding gift.

You know how much something like that would go for on eBay! Cha-CHING! :-)

Shana said...

Sounds like fun!

A mantle-size MJ would have been a great wedding gift

Cora said...

"How they got his skin so lifelike is EERIE!" Hahahahaha! Sooo true.

J.J. said...

San Jose is the way to go re: airports...and really close to where I would've been staying had we been able to meet up. Grr!

Like I told Cora, it's fun seeing/reading other people's perspectives of S.F. I've been there more times than I can count.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

San Fran is one of my fave locales. You said it was cold? Should have came to Beantown. I know of a great house right on the Ocean....could have got it cheap.