Honeymoon With My Honey – Part 5

Saturday – It was the last day of our honeymoon, and Cora caught me with another woman. And I didn't feel guilty at all.

Saturday morning, Cora's sister gave birth to our niece.

  • Aside from Mom, Dad, & the nurses, I was the first person to hold her.
  • Apparently, the baby is had decided that she prefers "bottle" over "B(.)(.)B". (Personally, I would give up the bottle for the B(.)(.)B any time.)
  • Not gonna name names, but I do question what they were thinking. The child has the phonetic "ASS" in her name. Really? You give a kid a name where an EASY nickname is "ASS"? Her big brother's gonna have to lay down some serious law at school.

We spent a some time with the baby, and the S-I-L & the B-I-L until it was feeding time and we went off to the cafeteria for lunch. Oh, and the S-I-L was going to try again to nurse the baby, too.

Aspen-03We tracked down the circus that was also in town to see the newest member of the clan. As we are shuffling the kids back one-at-a-time to see the baby, Cora is out in the waiting room and suddenly all I hear is, "We've got to go. NOW!" and she rushes off to the elevator.

Confused, I trail behind her (I've been told as a husband, to get use to it!), but notice the she's got her hand over her heart. "Odd time to be saying the Pledge of Allegiance" I thought. In the elevator, Cora explained. She had just suffered a catastrophic 'wardrobe malfunction' of the Janet Jackson kind. One of the little hard plastic "O" rings that secured her strap to the back of her dress broke. Luckily, no one got flashed (YEAH) not even me (BOO). As we hustled out to the car, I macgyvered it well enough for Cora to be able to drive in without steaming me up too much.Cora-and-Eric-Olive-Garden

That didn't last long, because she then put on this little orange number and took me to the mall to spend some gift cards. Some VICTORIA'S SECRET gift cards. :-)

After wandering thru there and imagining my beautiful and shapely wife in all those little bits of lycra and lace, we found our selves back at Olive Garden for dinner. And I still had a smile on my face.

Sunday – Sadly, it was airport day. And the last time that I've seen Cora since. We arrived just as the place was flooded with people getting off cruise ships and ending their 4th of July vacation weeks. We stood in the normal checking of Southwest, but it was long and wasn't moving, so we hopped out to the Skycap. Lucky timing. While it still took maybe 20 minutes, the line had more than doubled while we were in it. And the line inside? Had wrapped around and was back by security. Eventually, it would make a complete 360° look around the check-in desk. And security was a mess, too, so there was no time for our usual 800 kisses good-bye. I eventually make it thru security, and Cora takes off. My last sight of her is her curly red hair, bouncing down a hallway.

And that was it.

Honeymoon over.

Real life beginning,

Currently, (Cora and Gwen) and I are living 2086 miles apart, waiting for the okay to move. That should come in early August. There will still be more court junk that Cora (and Gwen?) will have to fly back for, but right now, I'd rather wake up holding my wife and taking long walks after dinner with my wife and daughter. Those days will be here, soon, I know, but I still miss them.

Enough of the sad talk – Next week, Scope-Tech will take up an entirely different theme.


Cora said...

That strap hurt when it broke - and it was loud. SNAP!! Honestly, my first thought was that I'd just been shot with a rubber band. Naturally, if I'd been shot with a rubber band, I assumed my dad had just arrived and, as I turned around, my dress top flipped down and I realized what had happened.

My mom got flashed.

And the little kids were flashed too - only they were so preoccupied with the Ghirardelli chocolates that they didn't even notice.

Talk about timing. If it had happened 30 seconds earlier, I would have flashed the whole waiting room!

You can't take me anywhere. ;-)

Anonymous said...

only Cora... only Cora.

SkylersDad said...

He he he, I love this story. Because it's pretty funny, but mostly because I'm a guy and I love the Scope version!

J.J. said...

That 1st pic of you and the baby are sooooo frickin' cute! And Cora's wardrobe malfunction was re-created in private, am I right? ; )

Lisa said...

so far away... :(

hopefully the time will by as quickly as the this whole story has... seriously, didn't you two just meet yesterday? ;)