Wedding – Party 3

So, after the wedding, it was time for the party. And what a great party it was. I know Cora has said it, and I will say it again, "Everything went perfectly." There were no last minute snags, or disasters like you hear about. Nope. Here are my top 4 things that didn't go right with the wedding and the reception:

  1. I went thru the buffet line first, and had the wonderful grilled vegetables. But, I didn't know there was asparagus underneath the other vegetables. My pee smelt normal all night long. :-(
  2. I didn't get to taste the chocolate layer of the cake, but as you can see, we enjoyed our slice quite a lot.
  3. My vest was a little snug, and while dancing, I bent down to lift the flower girl, and I popped a button on the vest. Guess I didn't need the chocolate cake after all.
  4. The garter was intercepted just before it got to the intended party.

That's it. That's my list.

As maybe you can tell from the videos, the DJ was awesome, the food was great (salmon and prime rib) the centerpieces looked great, and everybody had a great time. And I know that not from them SAYING it, but from me SEEING it.

Here's my best man Tony's speech.

"Never let the details get in the way of a good story." Yeah, but since it's my blog:

  • Yes, it was a Commodore 64.
  • I wrote the code. I didn't need to hack it.
  • There were "weaknesses" in the code that could be exploited if you knew what you were doing. Such as, say, you wrote the code.
  • The rats was not one of them.
  • But if you fed your soldiers negative amounts of grain, it would subtract that negative amount from your stores, effectively giving you free grain. So, it mattered less what the rats did.

Here's a cake cutting with a twist that I'm certain that you've not seen before:

Cora's brother Craig's girlfriend Kristin's 30th birthday was that day. We figured that we aren't such divas that we can't share our day. It is a party after all. So we planned the birthday cake surprise. We managed to keep is such a surprise that even the camera man had no idea what was going on or where to aim.

Unlike at the wedding I went to last summer [LINK] there was little drama with the bouquet or garter tosses. Well, the girl who caught the bouquet caught it as it rebounded off her nose, and I was aiming the garter at Craig, but it got picked off by a 15 year old at the last instant.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the evening.

Reception-First-Dance Reception-Eric-Gwen

Our First Dance. Hear the song HERE

I just love this picture.

Reception-Eric-Cora Reception-Karin-Eric-Tim

The "Sweetheart" table…

My brother Tim and sister Karin

Reception-Garter Reception-Eric-Girls

On my knees like a dog.

Never again to be surrounded by so many single women!

Reception-Cora-Jaden Reception-Gwen-Eric

Cora dancing with another man.

Taking Gwen for a spin 'round the floor.

Ducks Reception-Tiffany

Okay, not technically from the reception, but I love this picture and I needed one for this spot nest to Tiffany, so I'm running it anyway. So there.

In the background, my mother mugs a guest. And the gal in the foreground, as I've been told, did have a 'wardrobe malfunction' before the wedding with one of those straps.

This is not the only 'wardrobe malfunction' to occur in this little story. Stay tuned.

After the reception, Tony & Maribeth drove us into Seattle and we got these shots by the Space Needle.


Sorry folks, there are no pictures of the wedding night from this point forward, but I will pass along this little shot from the next morning:


And what was Cora doing while I was taking pictures like this, you may ask?

Yup, that's my wife! ;-)


Joshua said...

I know I've been absent (well, lurking) lately, but I popped by to say a hearty congratulations to you all. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Many happy returns, all that kind of stuff.

Cora said...

*sigh* That was such a fun day. I'm so happy we have so many pictures of it because, wow, it went by in a snap. All the pictures make it less of a blur.


Shana said...

Great fun!

Anonymous said...

was it a camera man at that point? I thought Walter passed the video camera off to Becky before we went up, but who knows! LOL! It was a good surprise though and very thoughtful of the two of you!

J.J. said...

Love all the pics, love the duckies, love Cora in camera-mode, but I'm sure you got that picture of Tiffany for the b(.)(.)b shot. Your last pair other than Cora's...whose aren't that shabby from what I can tell. ; )

SkylersDad said...

Beautiful shots, I am really enjoying this!!

Chaka said...

I have been AWOL for a while but am glad to come back and see this last post. Congratulations to you both!

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

That was a great speech and such a sweet thing to do for the birthday girl! I think you're right about it not being cheating if you wrote the code. It's like when a kid makes up rules to a game and keeps changing them so that it works out in his favor, right?

Great pictures!