Wedding - Part 2

I know what you must be thinking, "Stop clowning around, and get to the ceremony already! Gee whiz, you two can drag out a story!" Well, you tell you the truth, even though it happened over a fortnight ago, it is still hard to believe that it actually happened sometimes. Probably because she's in Seattle and I'm in Chicago.

But, I have the ring to remind me. And this:

Part 1 – Perp walk: The gal in the pink is Cassey, the event coordinator.

Part 2 – Sermon: I just can't stop looking at her. Or smiling. Or holding her hand.

Part 3: The "I Do" part: If you could hear the thoughts in my head during this whole section it goes pretty much like: "Kissthebride. Kissthebride. Iwannakissher. Kissher. Gettothekissingalread." But having been warned, Cora's ring did not want to go on, so I did not try to jam it on. And when she took my hand, I resisted every "pull my finger" urge that I had.

The videos were was shot by Callista's husband on Cora's flip camera. Due to YouTube limitations on video length, I had to bust them up into 3 bits so that they broke at reasonable spots, and were still under 10 minutes long. For those of you who are about to say "I can't watch video at work", well, here's some photos.

Scope's Perp Walk

Craig & Callista (2nd time's a charm!)

Tony & Gwen

My new niece & nephew (So serious!)


Reverend Beck Erb & "The Groom"

Guess who I espy with my little eye?

And with that, we were married.

Let the party begin!


Candy's daily Dandy said...

*sniffle*...that was just beautiful. I'm a sucker for a happy ending.
It's amazing what happens when your life suddenly changes and all of your dreams come true. Congrats to Mr and Mrs Fabulous! It couldn't have happened to two more deserving people.

Cora said...

I like that we are telling this tale at the same time. You get both sides of the story this way! So, what were you doing while my dress was being bustled anyway?

Cora said...

Oh! And my pictures are all on FB. You can take any you want - Lord knows, I've been swiping yours every chance I get! Or if you want any of them emailed to you, just tell me which ones.

Dr Zibbs said...

Excellent. Congrats again.

Scope said...

Thanks all. And the picture I like best? The black and white one. You totally can't tell I photoshopped bits of Becky out of it.

Don't believe me? LINK TO ORIGINAL

Shana said...

Great stuff!! Congrats again!!

Ellie Mae said...

Thank you for sharing. Congratulations to you both and Gwen!

Anonymous said...

yep at work and cant watch the video so thanks for posting the pics to hold me over.

Sassy Britches said...

Okay, I have only gotten through the Perp Walk one, and already I'm sobbing. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!