Honeymoon With My Honey – Part 3

Wednesday – Wednesday was a quiet morning. At least to start. We went to a little restaurant across the street called "Sears Fine Food". I was sort of expecting a dive diner, but the place was nice, and the food was pretty good. We didn't really have a lot planned for the morning which is good, because well, we had to take a little side trip. It's much more Cora's story than mine, so head over to HER BLOG and I'm sure she'll be telling it soon.

WMH-02 WMH-01
Above: We walked down California to where my company has an office, and I tried to get pictures of both flapping at the same time, but no dice. (And I think THIS was actually when we took the cable car ride.)

Left: Who has 2 thumbs and is the luckiest groom around? THIS FELLA!

We had such a big breakfast, that we weren't really interested in lunch, but we got some snacks for the bus, because we were off to the Winchester Mystery House. For those of you who are too lazy to click the link, the Winchester Mystery House (WMH) is a fabulous intersection of "Money" and "Bat-shit Crazy". Located in San Jose (yes, I know the way), it's at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay, and a little over an hour from downtown San Fran, at least in the light traffic we had. Only one company runs tours from SF to the WMH, and we had our seats booked already. The bus showed up on time, and whisked us all around SF to various hotels, picking us up for their different tours. This nice, big comfortable bus dropped us off at their hub, and we transferred to a tiny, cramped bus, that I was too tall to sit in properly. But, there were only 10 or 12 of us, so no big deal, I take up two seats and sit sideways so my legs fit.

We got to the Winchester Mystery House, and the driver went in and bought tickets for every one. Then he told us we had 2 hours, and to meet back at the bus at 5:05. This gave us some time before the tour and after the tour to see the gardens and out buildings. Since pictures aren't allowed inside (gotta sell the guide books, ya know), this was our photo ops.

WMH-03 Winchster Mystery House Mystery #1: Will those girls in the blue shirts who were on out bus ride down play a bigger role in this story?
WMH-04 Winchster Mystery House Mystery #2: What's up with the spider web windows? They were all over. Including one that was never installed designed by Tiffany. Not the company. The ACTUAL GUY!
WMH-05 Winchster Mystery House Mystery #3: Why do I like taking pictures like this? You will notice I love taking pictures of things framed by objects in the foreground.
WMH-06 Winchster Mystery House Mystery #4: Did you notice the door on the upper right? It's called "The Door To Nowhere." Exit it from the room upstairs, and you will be hurt very badly. Sara Winchester got all her architectural plans from spirits at séances, so maybe there was an eventual plan for it, but we'll never know. UNTIL WE PASS OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE!
WMH-07 Winchster Mystery House Mystery #5: What the hell is that PURPLE ORB!?!?!?!
WMH-08 Winchster Mystery House Mystery #6: What's so weird about this picture? It's a mystery to me, too.
WMH-09 Winchster Mystery House Mystery #7: I'm certain there's a really good visual pun here, but what it is remains a mystery.
WMH-10 Winchster Mystery House Mystery #8: If we are there, who took our picture? (Maybe the girls in blue?)

And where is your bag, Scope? Oh, it's on the bus, so I don't have to lug it around.

After that shot, we took a quick potty break (none on the micro-bus) and Cora spent 30 seconds picking out some postcards. We made it to the bus stop @ 5:06

Winchster Mystery House Mystery #9: Where in the hell is our bus?

I believe my exact words were, "That did FUCKING so just not happen." We panicked, and looked all around. No where to be seen. Oh, and my bags on there, too! (And I want to thank all of my Facebook friends for their concern. When I posted: "Biggest mystery @ Winchester Mystery House? Where's my bus?" I think I got maybe one response!)

Blackberry to the rescue! Cora remembered the name of the sight seeing company, I googled them, got their number and called them. The call log on the phone reports that I made that call at 5:09. So when I say we were a minute late, we may have been a minute EARLY, because that's a lot of phases to go thru in 3 minutes! I told the guy who answered, "Hi, we're on the Winchester Mystery House Tour, and I think we've been left." Instantly on hold. When he comes back, he tells me that the driver is turning around for us. Okay, maybe we were late, but we were within the margin of error.

  • There were only 10 or so of us, and the driver bought the tickets, so he knew the proper count.
  • The bitches in the blue shirts had taken our pictures 5 minutes before.
  • I am 6'5" 290 lbs and wearing the single most obnoxious shirt on the planet.
    I'm hard to miss!

Anyway, it seems like it takes forever, but the bus does come back for us, and as a bonus, drops us off first. I would definitely go back, but I would take the "behind the scenes" tour, not the regular one. Oh, and I would rent a car for the day!

After that excitement, we decide to dine easy. Pizza. Once again, I use the Blackberry to find a nearby spot. Our two choices are Blondie's and Uncle Vito's. I'd remembered walking by Uncle Vito's once, and while we had walked past Blondie's a couple of times, couldn't remember it, so Uncle Vito's it was.

As we walked up, we saw these two characters sitting in a window seat:

Yeah, probably should have warned you about that picture. Sorry. :-)

Anyway, we order our pepperoni and sausage pizza and Cora, being a good blogger, goes out to take their picture while I wait at the table. She comes back about instantly. I let her out of my sight for 2 minutes, and she gets harassed by a street person! I go out to punch his lights out try my luck at taking a picture. I stand in front of them, and am obvious about taking scenery shots, and then sort of turn toward them to take a picture. And they totally invite me to take their picture and ham it up with big smiles.

The pizza itself was pretty good, but not great. We took a few slices home for breakfast the next day.

Then it was back to Walgreens for out pop & water for the night, and preparing for our last full day in San Francisco.


Shana said...

You are 6' 5"?? Here I was thinking that you were maybe 6 ft and Cora was 4' 10" or something. Don't tell her I said that. (It is hard to tell with pictures you know!)

Shana said...

Oh, and I have tried to find you on facebook and can't!!

Cora said...

I know! Why the hell didn't those girls speak up when the bus started leaving without us?! Jerks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am preeeety sure I commented on that on FB. I still can't believe you two got left behind. WTF?!? Crazy bus driver! and inconsiderate people on the bus that didn't speak up.
I am kinda creeped out by those women though. LOL!

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

"I am 6'5" 290 lbs and wearing the single most obnoxious shirt on the planet. I'm hard to miss!" <-- This made me laugh out loud at my desk this morning. :)