Attention Marathoners

Just a quick reminder as marathon season approaches and people are looking for hydration options:








Pedialyte = Good hydration, low sugar.

Pedia-Lax = CODE BROWN!

Just some advice from your old friends here at SCOPE-TECH.


Cora said...

Yeah, having the runs while running can't be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I need to find my receipt.

wigsf said...

Interesting fact about "going" while running: many people who compete in those Iron Man Triathelons while "go" while competing. The race itself for some competitors will run upwards of ten hours so the urge to "go" number one can't be denied. The competitors try to pace themselves so that they go during the swimming portion.

SkylersDad said...

Many a distance runner has had to poop in their pants mid race.

The question is how much do you want it? Well how much, punk?!?

That took an awkward turn, so sorry...

Scope said...

I don't need it that bad.

No. Not nearly that bad.

Anonymous said...

Scope and Cora, I was hoping after you married we would hear a lot about your married life. So far almost nothing.What is cora doing to the place? Do you grocery shop togather? Have friends over yet? About daughter at school. All kinds of things. We all waited for this for so long, and now we would love to hear some of what is going on at your place.Love all 3 of you.

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

But what is one to do when they want to be light on their toes for the race?

I was just talking about people going during races. My friend just did a full Ironman last weekend & he said it was no big deal to go.

Cora said...

Anonymous, you're right, sir/ma'am/miss. We did kinda leave you guys high and dry the last few weeks, didn't we? It wasn't intentional, we've just had a lot going on. However, I just got my act together this afternoon and posted a summary of the last three weeks over on my blog - http://lovelettersbycora.blogspot.com/2010/09/anonymous-was-right.html


Lisa-tastrophies said...

I seriously have NEVER even entertained the idea of pooping myself while running. Screw it, every 5K, 10K course has some place on it that I can hope in and use their facilities. Guess I am just not that much of a competitor.