While You Were Out – Getting Around: Part 2


Yesterday, I wrote about winged transportation, today, it's more odds and ends (and some really "odds" at that) that all follow the transportation theme, too, and that I just have happened to run into while out and about recently.

I don't know what it is about weird vehicles, but I just love the ones that look entirely out of place. And I'm not just talking about the Wienermobile kind of weird, either. I mean your average everyday normal abnormal, too.

I was heading to go see "The Other Guys" one weekend before the girls got here, and I looked across the street and saw a three wheeled motorcycle. Now, I've seen plenty of trikes before. And I've seen the Can-Am Spyder.

But I had never seen a Piaggio before.

http://www.piaggiousa.com/scooters.php#/home/Piaggio MP3 500


And then there is this pink abomination know as the Bare Essentials "Quickie Van".

IMG00151-20100811-1244 IMG00152-20100811-1244

But, there is one thing about it that is cool. See the hubcaps? They are like "anit-spinners". They have bearings and are weighted so that as the car drives, the text stays level so you can read it. I saw these once a few years ago, and thought I would be seeing Smiley faces floating stationary in the wheels of yellow VWs for the rest of my life. Safe so far.

As you know, I love me some fun plates. Going clockwise…

LTRAIN – And much like an LTRAIN, 1/2 and inch of snow, and this thing is utterly useless.

KUNKOFF – While probably some guys last name, I thought it sounded a bit like "KNUCK FOX", a Monmouth College expletive aimed at their rival, Knox College.

N WY BULL – While Cora, Gwen, & I were walking laps around the park, I saw this and wondered how, "No Way! Bull!" had made it past the censors down in Springpatch.
IMG00155-20100815-1844 IMG00120-20100628-1104

And then, now here are the "ends" of the "odds and ends".

DSC01410 Now, I have to ask, isn't the frame worth saving? I know your rear wheel is gone. But you probably took the front wheel and the seat.
Why just leave it to decompose on the street?

To get slowly picked apart by vultures?

IMG00122-20100629-1221 Speaking of why, if you have a friend who rolls up with this two tone paint job, punch him in the junk. If it's a woman, fly her down to Mexico, get her a sex change, and then punch her/him in the junk.

Seriously. What would possess you to do this?

Holster-02 Here is a perfect example of, "Only an Asian youth can pull this off." It may be stereotyping, but it is true. It's hard to see, but I saw this on the L. Within the yellow circle is an iPod holster that has two clips that attach it to pockets and belt loops.

And it was only for his iPod Touch. When his phone rang, he pulled it out of a different pocket.

It's just so strange seeing an external pocket that big being used exclusively for one device when you could fit a reasonably sized sandwich in that thing.

Sorry about more randomness. I will get into more meat, but right now, I'm doing the "single dad" thing for the first time, EVER, and am living in box HELL, and really, this is about the concentration level I can muster.

I mean, I have stories. Like Cora & Gwen @ Hog Days. Or the wedding guest who was questioned by the FBI for a few days. And then there's the court stuff. (Ours. Not the wedding guest's.) And then there's the secret theme week I'm trying to put together…

Shhhhh… It's a secret.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

That ipod holster is the equivalent of a pocket protector for Aisan youth.

just sayin...

Cora said...

Right after I had ex-hub served with court papers I found myself driving behind a car with a plate that said "ISERVED"

I served. Niiiiiiiice.

Of course, I know it's military, but dammit I chose to take it in a legal sense instead! I meant to blog it, but I forgot. Shoot.

SkylersDad said...

I loved the randomness, good job!