Friday Funny

Hey Billy!  Found your baseball!

Ouch, Billy!  Too slow!  That's gonna leave a mark!


Saw this baseball lying on the "L" tracks yesterday, and snapped a quick picture.  Then a train (you can just make out the "a" in "cta") whizzed into the station.


MJenks said...

Another victim of the Cubs' hapless bullpen...

Although, based on the way the stadium is set up and where I think you live, that ball would have had to circumnavigate the globe to get there.

Which, given the predeliction toward which the Cubs' relief tends to give up massive home runs, is completely and totally plausible.

SkylersDad said...

Poor Billy, always a step too late.

Scope said...

Jenks - Let's just say it would be a long foul ball over the left field stands. While close, not close enough to hear tonight's Dave Matthews Band concert.

SkyDad - Miss by an inch, miss by a mile. Same deal.

Cora said...

That train photo is sheer awesomeness!