A Little SHOCKING Excursion

So, Cora, Gwen & were out shopping this weekend.  I didn't expect this.

First, we went into Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

And we wandered into the "Beyond" section.

First I saw these, Booty Pops:

I was first thinking that they were going to be like, frozen fruit-pop molds.  Nope.  They were padded panties.  For those who need a little extra junk in the trunk.

Still reeling from the "Hubba Hubba Hiney" I walked down to the other end of the aisle, and ran into the Bare Lifts.

B(.)(.)B tape.  What's next?  Like a B(.)(.)B crane that uses tape and invisible thread to hoist their loads into place.

That was a lot of odd for Saturday.

But that was nothing compared to what awaited me in the ice cream aisle of my local Dominick's grocery store.


  • What the hell are they doing in the freezer?  Is that "French Tickler Vanilla" next to them?
  • I think after my experience with Icy / Hot that one time (Great Balls Of Fire), there's NO WAY IN HELL!


wigsf said...

I once found an open pack of rubbers in the grocery store next to the jars of Nutella (chocolate and hazelnut spread).

Cora said...

Awww. Sad. Looks like someone's date fell through at the last minute (I'm guessing Fire & Ice condoms will do that - ouch) and the poor lonely soul opted for a night with Ben and Jerry instead.


Cora said...

PS - And that boob tape? FRIGHTENING. I'd rather let the girls flop, thankyouverymuch.

Christ, after boob tape and frost bite condoms, the hubba hubba hiney underpants are starting to look perfectly reasonable!

Scope said...

wigsf - Ummm, should I be concerned that the wife did buy Nutella this trip to the store?

Cora - If the condoms had been with the Ben(dover) Jerry's, that would give "Chubby Hubby" a whole different meaning.

Cora said...

"Chunky Monkey" too.

Karamel Sutra? ;-)

J.J. in L.A. said...

Remind me to NEVER shop in Chicago. : P

(and I thought L.A. was baaaaad...)

SkylersDad said...

Wow, our Bed Bath and Beyond is way behind the times!

Sass said...

I can't fathom how ginormous one needs their ass to be.

If I used "Booty Pop," no one would be able to stand behind me without risk of personal injury.


MJenks said...

They had to do something with Hector's body after leaving him to lay outside the city walls for so long.


I'll show myself out.

Shana said...

Ok. I have tried that boob tape stuff. One needs three hands. Two to place the tape and one to hold up the boob.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

OK, The Booty bump has got to go.

And the condoms in the ice cream section - OH yeah someone was planning a freaky Friday :-)